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    TV Logos

    I'm not convinced the update was the trigger but I mentioned it in my post as the only significant event around the time the logos broke.
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    TV Logos

    OK an update: This afternoon I listened to some music and then watched some episodes from a TV series then headed out for awhile. Upon my return I went to watch the News and noticed the TV logos have now fixed themselves. So... I'm confused but happy. I guess the issue is resolved but I don't...
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    TV Logos

    I have encountered this issue as well today after upgrading to Windows 11. I have a Client-Server setup on my MediaPC and a Client setup only on my Notebook. Upgraded Notebook to Windows 11 yesterday with no issues. However today when upgrading the Client-Server the TV Logos borked on the TV...
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    MP2 - V2.3.2 [solved] onlinevideos not appearing

    Ran into this issue when fixing my MP2 install under Windows 11 and found that I needed quotes around the sddl value else it threw an error. netsh http add urlacl url=http://+:55555/MediaPortal/ sddl="D:(A;;GX;;;WD)"
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    MP2 - V2.4.1 MP2 - V2.4 MP2 - V2.3.2 Bugs and Improvements

    Thank you. Worked a treat.
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    MP2 - V2.4.1 MP2 - V2.4 MP2 - V2.3.2 Bugs and Improvements

    I would like to report a very minor bug. In MP2.4 when selecting a different colour scheme for the Nereus skin it is not applied to track progress bar on the Audio Visualization screen. Example: In the attachment I have selected the Orange colour scheme but the track progress bar is still Teal.
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    MP2 - V2.4 [News] MediaPortal 2 - 2.4 Release

    I've had a few weeks running MP2.4 and would like to congratulate everyone on a great release. I've found the release to be nice and stable with some sweet improvements. My favourite has to be the Nereus skin Colour Scheme Customisation. The purple looks awesome. Plus the View Mode Settings are...
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    MP2 - V2.4 [solved] MP2.3 to MP2.4 update - Album art not showing

    OK I solved the problem. I ran another import on 2 new albums and this time the Album art was successfully grabbed. I had been messing around prior with restoring AudioMetadataExtractor.dll in both the MP2-Client and MP2-Server directories under 'Program Files (x86)' from my MP2.3.0 backup but...
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    MP2 - V2.4 [solved] MP2.3 to MP2.4 update - Album art not showing

    Hi, I stopped the service and restored the databases. Moved the config folders to a backup location. Started the service and the MP Client. In MP Client I had to reconnect to the MP Server instance. This bought the Recordings media source back to Online status but all other media sources...
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    MP2 - V2.4 [solved] MP2.3 to MP2.4 update - Album art not showing

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I set 'Data to download from online sources' to 'Download nothing' for 'Audio import settings' and then configured Debug logging. I closed MP and stopped the service. I restored my databases from a backup taken before the upgrade and started MP and re-ran the Music...
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    MP2 - V2.4 [solved] MP2.3 to MP2.4 update - Album art not showing

    Today I updated from MP2.3.0 to MP2.4.0 and everything looks good so far except all Album art is not showing for my Music collection. I did an uninstall of MP2.3.0 and then install of MP2.4.0. MP2.3.0 was happy to use the Album art stored in the audio tags but MP2.4.0 is not. All my music...
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    Many moons ago I configured LaunchBox to start from App Launcher. I always had issues once I quit LaunchBox and disconnected my DualShock 4 controller from the bluetooth that my MCE remote control had limited functionality. For example the Windows button would not work so I could not get back...
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    MP2 - V2.3 [solved] MP 2.3 Media Library Duplicates

    Thank you. The DLL update resolved my duplicate issue.
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    MP2 - V2.3 [solved] MP2 2.3 Client startet nicht - bleibt beim Laden hängen

    Hi, Brand new computer with Windows 10 Home 1909 and fresh install of MediaPortal 2.3.0 and I was also unable to launch the MP2 x64 Client. The provided DLLs and Google Translate to help me read this thread did the trick. Thank you.
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    aMPDROID connected but not streaming

    Install VLC and try streaming to an external player.
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