1. E

    MPTagThat - silent Installation parameter

    Hi all, Hello @hwahrmann, I have a question to the installation of MPTagThat (3.18 /MPTagThat 2 beta). Can someone tell me from which manufacturer is the installer of MPTagThat is? I would like to install the program, if possible in silent or unintended mode. Unfortunately, the usual silent...
  2. D


    I am new to MediaPortal and by no means a computer expert so I wanted to ask how difficult MediaPortal 1 and/or 2 is to install and set up. I want to be able to stream my video collection to a Smart TV with all access and controls resident on the TV vice having to control from my PC. My...
  3. Goucho

    Installation PlugIn und Skin

    Hallo Ihr Profis, lasse gerade WMC wg. Win10 hinter mir und bin hier absoluter Neueinsteiger. Bitte schreibt mir doch mal, wie ich einen PlugIn installieren kann, nachdem ich ihn runtergeladen habe. Wie wir er installiert, bzw. in welches Verzeichnis muss er kopiert werden? Habe nach der...
  4. B

    MP2 - V2.1 (Minor) Documentation error

    Hello, I started reading the Custom Installation Guide for MP2, and I immediately stumbled on an error: there is a mix-up of the folders Windows uses for x86 and x64 programs: it is rather obvious! Regards, Bart
  5. R

    Rebuilding Media PC. What files to keep to retain MP settings/configuration?

    Hi All, I am going to rebuild my media pc - wipe the drive and reinstall Windows and MediaPortal. I'd like to take a backup of my current setup so I can copy the data back onto the new build so I can get to watching quicker. I put a lot of time into creating menus and installing/configuring...
  6. G

    MP2 - Spring'16 Unable to install due to DirectX problem

    After my old hard drive failed, I bought a new 2TB HD and re-installed everything from the ground up. When I downloaded and TRIED to install the Spring '16 version of MP 2, however, the system repeatedly balked at having to install DirectX 9 (I'm running Windows 10 Home.). I've attached the...
  7. Mobidic

    How to get started with MediaPortal 2 to do TV recording?

    My background is software development. I have been using Windows Media Center for ages. I did take a look at Media Portal years ago and after looking at the steps to install, well... I thought it's not worth my time. Now, I'm kind of stuck to take a second look, I want to to access recorded...
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