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  1. raffe

    1.33 [SOLVED] UNC links do not work with MyTVSeries

    Hi! I was running MP1.33 x64 and I was fine and happy since many years, then the hard drive on the HTPC died. But I was able to copy the folders "ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\" and "\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\plugins\" to the new hard drive. After installing MP1.33 x64 and...
  2. cerberus

    Moving Pictures zeigt Film Spezifikationen nicht richtig

    Hallo, ich habe MP 1.23 und StreamedMP & Moving Pictures 1.8.2. Gehe ich auf meine Filme werden mir diese korrekt angezeigt, also Auflösung, Codec, Audio etc.. Blättere ich dann hin und her stehen bei einigen plötzlich nur noch SD dran. Andere wiederum werden korrekt angezeigt. Ich bin mir...
  3. badboyxx

    [solved] Moving Pictures and MediaPortal 1.23 Regeszter Edition

    Hello, Moving Pictures needs an update to support MediaPortal 1.23 Regeszter Edition. The release of 1.23 broke all plugins who use MediaInfo. Maybe there is already a new release available?
  4. Patrick Bochart

    OSD not show and Action Menu not accessible during playback of movie

    Hello, I've a very strange problem, but before describing my problem, i'll describe my current configuration at home. I've installed several computer (different model but all are in Windows 10) in several room that are running only MediaPortal 1.15 client version. All these MediaPortal Client...
  5. S

    Category missing

    I have just set up my new pc and made all settings like i did by my old one. Especially in moving pictures, but now, when i want to choose a film, the category recenty added is missing. When checking the configuration, the filter is there, but it deosn´t show any results although I have added...
  6. fLaSkin

    [solved] Passing ISO (-Path) to external Player without mounting it?

    Hi all, some time is gone since I've watched a 3D BluRay. Yesterday I decided to "do it again". I've installed PowerDVD 15 Ultra on my rig and setup the usual external player and Virtual Drive (native [Win10]) Parts in MePo. After struggling a bit with problems I could fix (more or less) with...
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