sound problem

  1. M

    No sound on videos

    Hello I am new on MP, I have it installed in a HP portatil connected with HDMI wire to a SAMSUMG TV In the videos (I haven´t TV still) I can´t hear any songs, the windows play songs correctly, and I had have a lot of changes in the codecs options and I only have got hear the sound by the HP...
  2. Cowboy

    [solved] MP1.20 issue with HD audio stream (not all media)

    Hi there, i've got a problem with the playback of some movies. The sound format is listed as DTS HD 7.1 but the receiver detects it as DTS surround 5.0 input signal (made some screenshots). The sound is not completely missing. It is very silent and kind of stuttering. Playing the same movie with...
  3. P

    [solved] No sound within MP

    Hi. I made a fresh install .15 on a fresh Seven SP1. Sound works fine on windows and VLC. But no sound within MP, neither playing music nor video. Any help ?
  4. Hotkey

    [solved] No sound in Videos (DTS), but in TV

    Hi there, after i replaced my old Panasonic SA-XR55 with a new Onkyo for my HTPC, i decided to use the Panasonic for my Gaming PC which also runs Mediaportal Client and is connected to the MP-Server. The PC is connected via optical cable to the Panasonic (Soundcard Soundblaster-Z). As i wanted...
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