1. D

    Tuner Suddenly Missing Channels

    I have a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1255 TV card that suddenly started missing channels 10 and 17. It gets 6,13,23. I just checked the antenna and it seems fine. I am wondering if the problem is with the card or a signal amplifier I use because I am in a fringe area.
  2. C

    Is there a Tuner Stream Failure Alarm Plugin?

    Is there any plugin that can monitor incoming MPEG streams from tuners that are being used for scheduled recordings and sound an alarm if those streams suddenly outright stop or severely drop in quality? In other words, is there something that can get my computer to literally scream at me when...
  3. M

    [solved] TV Tuner does not respond after Fall Creator Update

    Hi All, I have a problem with media portal after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The TV tuner does not respond and I cannot watch any channel. I try to tune up channels from scratch but when I push scan button in Setup TV app It does nothing. Label of button was changed to Cancel and when I...
  4. K

    [solved] KWorld Analog NTSC tuner and Software Encoders

    Hello, I have a newly purchased KWorld UB-445U2 Hybrid USB TV stick, and It wont work with MediaPortal 2.... It wont scan any channel because it requires to install additional software encoders. In MP1 you could add these encoders with MySql but MP2 is different and im unable to get it...
  5. GuiltyNL

    Pressing record while watching live tv forces to use a second tuner

    I'm testing my IPTV setup with an m3u list for my Octopus Net Tuner. And I noticed that when I watch live TV and I press 'Record' the TV Server fires up a second tuner to record the channel I'm already watching. That seems a bit odd, because I would have expect that he would use the same...
  6. EW Thomas

    Tuning Data Correct But Displayed Program Is Not

    Hello once again :) Hopefully I can leave everyone alone after this and not have to bother for answers or solutions. The anomaly I have currently concerns "H&I" on 101°W Blind scanning shows up "Decades" which is also on the same bird just a different carrier frequency. The correct parameters...
  7. G

    Media Portal 2, Windows 7, and Ceton 5 USB

    Hello again! After my unsuccessful attempts to set up my Ceton Infinitv 4 USB tuner under Windows 10, I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and downgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate. The drivers for Windows 7 appeared to install without any difficulty, and I was able to pair and activate the...
  8. R

    PCI tuner card vs HDHomerun Extend vs Tablo

    Hi there, I've been spending a LOT of time the past few days reading up on how to setup hardware to allow watching live TV on various devices and had a few questions. My requirements are as follows: .... I just want to be able to stream some OTA HD channels to the following devices; Roku 3...
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