1. A

    VB-IP SPAIN Movistar plus tunning details (Update 26 dec 2018)

    Hi all NEW update at December 2018 Here comes a new tuning details for IPTV provider Movistar Plus. Movistar TV bought his competitor Canal Plus and the joint is called Movistar Plus, many channels has changed their original names and some has changed tunning details. Here comes the new...
  2. Charlie TV

    [solved] Channels disappeared after transmitter changes (Midhurst)

    Hi, I had a hard drive failure which meant I had to rebuild my system from scratch. This has coincided with a change of frequency at the transmitter that I use (Midhurst) see below. Midhurst (West Sussex, England) Full Freeview transmitter So after rebuilding my system, when I scan for...
  3. mrspock

    New Spain-Madrid Frequency

    Hi. There is a new frequency in Madrid (Spain) for DVB-T: 562000. Not sure if new frequencies for other regions in Spain has changed, but can be checked at TDT canales tv frecuencias lista | TDT1. In addition, I am moving to MP2 today, and I will like to add this new frequency to MP2, but I do...
  4. G

    Program Guide entry prevents tuning radio to that station

    Ok, this took me FOREVER to track down. I'm still baffled but at least I see the problem now. If I create a program guide entry for a particular radio station, it will no longer let me manually tune to that station, so long as that program guide entry remains in the future. I can tune to any...
  5. EW Thomas

    Tuning Data Correct But Displayed Program Is Not

    Hello once again :) Hopefully I can leave everyone alone after this and not have to bother for answers or solutions. The anomaly I have currently concerns "H&I" on 101°W Blind scanning shows up "Decades" which is also on the same bird just a different carrier frequency. The correct parameters...
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