1. M

    1.27.0 Update von MP1.16 aud MP1.27 auf WSE2016 nicht möglich

    Hallo, Das Update von Mediaportal Version 1.26 auf Version 1.27 ist auf meinem WES2016 nicht möglich. Laut Fehlermeldung kann die Installation wegen einem nicht unterstützten Betriebssystems nicht durchgeführt werden und wird darum abgebrochen. Bei der Installation von V1.26 war es nur eine...
  2. Undel

    MediaPortal 1.1 upgrade

    Hello. I had been using MP few years ago, but then I put my HTPC on the shelf for personal reasons. Now I've decided to pull it back and upgrade software. Hardware for now would be the same. Windows Vista would be replaced with Windows 10. Codecs would be updated through MPC-HC latest release...
  3. J

    No audio after upgrade to 1.6

    Using MP for a decade+ now (written plugins and donated too - so not just leeching). Upgraded to 1.6 today and the audio on my single seat is gone, recordings and live TV. PC is OK, preview in TV Server gives sound and clients get sounds from recordings or live TV. Even Music from network...
  4. breese

    MP2 - V2.1 Upgrade to Pre2

    The upgrade from #144 to Pre2 release seemed to go well. One thing, it seems the Multi CD fix was not included.... I will do a full uninstall and fresh install next
  5. J

    How is MP2 better for multi-client installations - some advice

    We have been happily using MP1 server backend and multi-client setup in our house for some time now, it works pretty well. We use Kodi exclusively as a client. For practical reasons I am going to be setting up a new server shortly as the current one occasionally gets messed up by my kids when...
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