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February 20, 2007
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Blew away my MP1 config testing MP2. Came back to MP1. There was a way to "pin" a site to the home screen. I just can't seem to remember how


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    There was a way to "pin" a site to the home screen
    Is this what you mean? (ex Plugin Setup )

    MediaPortal (Client) Plugins
    1. Run the MediaPortal Configuration shortcut on your desktop.
    2. Click on the Plugin menu.
    3. Find the plugin you wish to configure in the list of installed plugins and click once on it to highlight it.
    4. Click on the appropriate button at the bottom of the list of plugins to Enable/Disable the plugin
    5. Click Config to display the specific configuration window for that plugin - each one is different
    6. Click In Home to display the plugin on the Classic Home screen or click Plugins to displayed it on the Plugins menu .
    Note: You can also right click on a plugin to show the same options, as shown in the image below:


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