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July 8, 2008
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ChriZ: how do you get epg for DR2?

Ive tried all sorts of choices in webepg and they dont work.... :/


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  • July 29, 2008
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    First off, thank you for the skin, it is very nice, and very simple.

    I was wondering about the MyNetFlix plugin? Currently, I just copied over the xml files from the blue3wide skin, and it works, but not really sure if more needs to done. Having the Mynetflix xml files included in future skin updates would be nice though.


    mr viggo

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  • March 1, 2008
    Sweden Sweden
    Thanks Tgx for a fantastic skin. WAF factor sky rocketed. The recent skins have almost looked the same except for a few modifications and it's nice to see something new.

    I really like the simpleness and clean look of the whole skin, please keep it this way and it's a winner in my eyes.

    As mentioned before, a sort of modular basic home is high up on the wish list. TV series needs some work to. For me it's just too much needless info; filesize, mediainfo and too many unreadable and not so good looking logos.


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  • January 22, 2008
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    Hey Tgx!
    1) The timeline bar, I like the position and size, but not sure about the colors and shape, looks a bit too much like a tube?
    2) The TV main screen, is it just me or does the TV shape look like a DVD case with the little flap on the bottom?
    3) I sort of like the unofficial logo version by joostzilla found here think it would look great with your design, what do you think?
    4)I also have a question about your TV logos, they seem to be a bit wider than the ones I am using, can you tell me the size so I can make ones that match your skin?
    1) That's exactly what i was looking for... a tube at the bottom! ;)
    2) Yes, it could resemble a dvd case, but for me it is a stylized TV!
    3) This logo is great, i think i could use it in the splash screen.
    4) I'm using 130x100 px wide logos.

    Thanks for the support!



    hi, great skin i love it. the only thing i miss is the global search support. maybe in the next release??
    With a little patience, i'll try to satisfy every request!

    for the CI menu I had to revert the "fadelabel" back to "label", otherwise it causing exception when the dialog tries to access the control from code side. I attached the patched .xml.
    Thank you very much for the fix! :D

    Hi TGX..
    the problem with my lyrics remains as you can see in the screenshot attached.
    I posted also a screenshot regarding minidisplay option, maybe you can move all on the right.
    Thanks for pointing it out! I hope to fix it in the next release!

    1. My "modded" main menu, i just replaced the backgorund picture (for inspiration ;))
    2. The Weatherforecast looks weird (frame is out of the screenborders)
    3. The space for the TV logo is a bit too big (at least for the tv logos I have?)
    4. The TV Series/Season/Episode list (to the right) menu is a little too small in width for most episode titles, you might be able to get some more space by getting rid of some of the episode info (like filesize, resolutions, etc.) - who really needs this info anyway? Also, is there no episode screenshot support?
    5. Also, a general thing- why hide the left-side menus as standard when you have room to display these as default (e.g. TV, pictures, weather forecast, movies) ?
    1) In next release, i'm going to introduce a new home with changing hover pictures, similar to streamedmp skin.
    2) This is not a mistake. This frame is used in many pages in the same way! Look for example at the list mode of music, videos and many others screens!
    3) Ok, i'll work on it!
    4) Currently i'm not too satisfied with TvSeries layout... I'm going to create a mod for this plugin without many "useless" informations shown. There will be version complete with every information, and a simplified version with the essential info...
    5) That space can be handy to display extra info, but i think i'm going to revise the skin so that the left menu is displayed by default when there is no info to show in the left space.


    I was wondering about the MyNetFlix plugin? Currently, I just copied over the xml files from the blue3wide skin, and it works, but not really sure if more needs to done. Having the Mynetflix xml files included in future skin updates would be nice though.
    This skin is very similar to Blue3Wide in the structure, so in general every plugin should work with Blue3Wide xml files, apart some graphical issues.

    I only wish that the list view in Moving Pictures was like the list view of TV Series. In TV Series the middle of the screen shows the details of the video selected.
    Yes, i've already planned it for one of the future releases!

    It would be realy nice if you would support the "Infoservice" Plugin.
    Infoservice plugin support should be included in the next release!

    Thanks to everybody! :) :D:D:D



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  • May 15, 2007
    Finland Finland
    Excellent work so far, thx.

    Is this reported already? Anyway small adjustment needed to MyMovie's info page to be perfect.



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  • June 5, 2008
    Just installed this Skin on my fresh MediaPortal 1.10 Beta1 Setup. Works finde and looks really good :)
    Hope you will keep up the good work.


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    July 30, 2006
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    Anyone else not seeing "Recorded TV"?

    I am running MP 1.1.0 Alpha

    Working in other skins .. . . . hmmmmmmmmmmmm


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  • January 22, 2008
    Italy Italy

    I've just uploaded the new version of the skin: 1.1.1.

    These are the changes:

    • MyHome Mod: new home screen with new hover backgrounds.
    • TvSeries Mod: simplified and full info support.
    • Fixed bugs in: MyLyrics (thanks to Jammyz), Tv Logos Osd (thanks to ChriZ), CommonInterface Menu (thanks to morpheus_xx), VideoInfo screen (thanks to -Manfred-) and recordedTV screen.
    • Reworked graphics to reduce footprint.

    Hope you like it! :)



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