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July 13, 2018
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I realy love my configuration at home with tv-server and tv client. But I also have an old XBOX with XBMC installed.
Could it teoreticaly be possible to use an old XBOX as the tv-client?

Do anyone work on it?


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    Could it teoreticaly be possible to use an old XBOX as the tv-client?
    You can install the "TVServerKodi" plugin to your TV Server (or the MP2 plugin "SlimTVService3" if you are using MP2). It is important that the Plugin version matches the used MP version exactly. Then you can use TV from MP in Kodi.
    So far so good. And now why it is theoretical... As the old Xbox only has XBMC instead of Kodi installed, it is possible that the MediaPortalPVR Addon is no longer compatible to the old XBMC version you need to use on the old XBox. For the new Xbox One there is Kodi 18 Alpha2 App available in the store., With this you definitely can use MP as TV backend.
    I'm no expert for Xbox, PlayStation and so on so I don't know if the new Kodi App (that definitely can be used today as a TV client with MP) can be run on the old XBox (if I have to bet, I would bet against)...

    Normally it should be possible to install an old MP1 version with a matching TVServerXBMC plugin so you can watch TV on your XBox.

    But I would prefer to have more recent versions of MP and Kodi. So a cheap (< 40€) Android TV Box running Kodi 17 or 18 and the recent MP version as TV source would be the better way, imho

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