[Approved] Fix for disabling the screen saver. (1 Viewer)


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  • December 17, 2010
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    ATM I don't have Internet at home. DSL should be connected here September 26th but is delayed until October 7th so I can't download much. And I don't have recent source at home. A small binary I could download but not if I need to compile whole MP2....
    BTW this did not made it into a3


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    January 27, 2012
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    Should work on alpha 3.
    I added one line
    settings.ScreenSaverEnabled = screenSaverEnabled;

    after the change
    function looks like this

    public void ConfigureScreenSaver(bool screenSaverEnabled, double screenSaverTimeoutMin)
    AppSettings settings = ServiceRegistration.Get<ISettingsManager>().Load<AppSettings>();
    settings.ScreenSaverTimeoutMin = screenSaverTimeoutMin;
    settings.ScreenSaverEnabled = screenSaverEnabled;
    _screenSaverTimeOut = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(screenSaverTimeoutMin);
    _isScreenSaverEnabled = screenSaverEnabled;

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