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August 12, 2012
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I will post my log as fast as possible.

The issue has nothing to do with MDAPI Plus! If you use MediaPortal TV-Server with XBMC or VLC (Stream), the issue does not happen! If it belongs to MDAPI, the issue should be visible with any Client. Also, as said, the artifacts are not visible in the recorded file. If those issues belongs to MDAPI (CAM), not only the visible video (shown with MediaPortal Client) is corrupted, but also the timeshift file would be corrupted, too.

Also this issue happens on Free TV channels, where MDAPI is not running.

EDIT: Another reason why it's a bug in MediaPortal and not in MDAPI Plus: This issue occurs with 1.3 BETA. All earlier versions work without any problems.

MDAPI is not illegal and we all have a valid pay tv subscription. Of course you can't fix the issue, if it's a bug in MDAPI Plus, but if it's a bug in MediaPortal - and it doesn't matter if it only occurs while using MDAPI Plus - please fix it, because most of us use MDAPI.
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    Here i have a Log-File:

    The error was on a FTA-Channel at 17:32.
    Try enabling 'Don't drop discontinued packets...' here - - also PDVD video decoder is the best I know for handling stream errors cleanly, so that may be worth trying.

    Note: XMBC and VLC use their own (internal) codecs, so they may behave differently to MP when there are stream errors (which is what is showing in the TsReader log at 17:32 - a whole bunch of 'Video Continuity error' messages).


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    memorybuffer: put full buffer (12584116)
    02-04-2013 18:19:19.696 [1364]Buffers : A/V = 1/355, A last : 1764.961, V Last : 1765.732
    02-04-2013 18:19:24.006 [1364]Buffers : A/V = 1/575, A last : 1769.281, V Last : 1770.132
    02-04-2013 18:19:27.544 [28]memorybuffer:put full buffer (12584116)
    02-04-2013 18:19:27.544 [28]memorybuffer:put full buffer (12583592)
    02-04-2013 18:19:27.555 [28]memorybuffer:put full buffer (12583592)
    02-04-2013 18:19:27.566 [28]memorybuffer:put full buffer (12583592)
    That goes on for at least 15 minutes and then:
    02-04-2013 18:36:46.472 [1364]Buffers : A/V = 0/623, A last : 1770.241, V Last : 1771.092
    02-04-2013 18:36:50.774 [1364]Buffers : A/V = 0/623, A last : 1770.241, V Last : 1771.092
    02-04-2013 18:36:53.981 [b20]Video Continuity error... 6 ( prev 7 )
    02-04-2013 18:36:53.981 [b20]Audio Continuity error... 9 ( prev 9 )
    02-04-2013 18:36:53.981 [b20]Video Continuity error... 7 ( prev b )
    02-04-2013 18:36:53.981 [b20]Video Continuity error... 7 ( prev 3 )
    @Owlsroost hopefully know the source of this problem.
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    What happens on screen (for the logs you have just posted) - does it just show picture corruptions or is it hanging/freezing ?

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