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April 26, 2006
San Sebastian

I'm using Multisite, so I have map the recording folder to T: (as rtv has told before)
Now tumbnail are created.. But I have found a problem

I have two clients conected to the same TvServer computer...
The first computer that created the Thumbnail works ok, but the second computer does not get the Thumnail because on tvRecorded.cs class "RecordingThumbCacher" line "88 if (!File.Exists(thumbNail))"

I have check on configuration on the thumbnail section and there is a option "leave a thumb in recording folder" if I don't check this the the thumb is created on both computer..

I think this is confusing..

I think you should check first if there is a thumb for file.ts on the database, if you don't find one then :
1.- Check if there is a file.JPG on the recording folder, if is true add it to the database
2.- If there is not a File.JPG, create one, Leave allways a file.jpg on the recording folder and after add the file.jpg to the database-

Anothere solution would be if Tvserver is the one creating the "Thumbnails" and save them to the Sqlserver or MySql database. So RSTP clients would be able to have thumbnails also.

Just an idea


Another couple of problems
1.- "Layout Big Icon List" there are not thumbnails.
2.- Configuration.exe saves for value "defaultar" Non-linear Stretch and MediaPortal.exe saves for "defaultar" nonlinear


Any coment on these issues??



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June 13, 2008
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Hello. I am just trying to scan my analog chanals, and got error about cyberlink "" is not installed in system in LOG.
What Cyberlink software using this ax? I read somewhere that PowerCinema using it, but ater i installed this software (latest version from cyberling) , no such file was installed.

Any hints?

EDIT: Can anybody PM correct "" filter?

EDIT2: Just found, that MP1 Tvserver is working fine. but first and second SVN dont. (no analog signal found and "" is not installed in system in LOG)

Here is log: View attachment 34037

This TV server gives me hard times...
Now WebEPG error (cannot inport chanal list from TV server:
View attachment 34038

LOG:View attachment 34037

Nobody? :(


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April 21, 2008
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hoborg you must rename the in to and then register it again it should work...these 2 lst svn have a lot of bug i think,my opinion...


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  • April 7, 2005
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    Another couple of problems
    1.- "Layout Big Icon List" there are not thumbnails.
    Any coment on these issues??

    All lists will always show icons.
    If recording thumbs are enabled this is the first match order:
    1. display recording thumb
    2. display tv channel logo
    3. display the skin's default movie image for watched/unwatched.

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  • December 24, 2007
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    With this latest build my monitor does not go into standby anymore when the screen is blanked. No matter what settings are used. Previous svn was ok.
    Does anyone else noticed this, before I do a complete reïnstall ?

    Ok tested this on Vista32 Vista 64 and XP spIII, all have the same behaviour. MP blanks the screen but does not send the screen into stanby anymore.


    Is this already confirmed as a bug, or is it something with my systems (1 server and 4 clients) ? Shutting down my screen by hand shuts down the build in usb ports also. And they are used for infrared and keyboard recievers. So this leaves me with a system with no remotecontrol aslong as the monitor is shut down.


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    January 30, 2009
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    I can confirm that with this latest build monitor does not go into standby. I tested this bug at 3 my PC's with different operation systems.


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  • July 27, 2007
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    Please try attached restart.vbs, should fix it. If not I need your restart.* logs.
    Thanks Chemelli - working fine now :)

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