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January 5, 2007
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mymusic, black screen on fullscreen with sonique-visualisation.
radio works great now, but the channel switching in radio EPG is the old channel in myradio appear.
Hi,diskeeper Sonique viz are working good here (fullscreen and window),Milkdrop2 too.You can test with the files i uploaded in this thread if u want :
I know that it only works with Sonique vis, I was post it first.:D
Milkdrop works, fullscreen and window. Sonique viz workd only in window.:(


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  • December 5, 2004
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    the saga continues ;)

    Opening a DOS prompt in the client directory & 'regsvr32' Solves the problem with the errors & allows analog to work

    Please change the SVN server installers, to install & register this file in the server folder, like the 1.0 release does. There have been problems reported revolving around this in every post 1.0 SVN thread.

    Ruud's post a few above me, is probably caused by this problem. I see he's using a PVR-500 analog the same as me. Not all logs are attached though, so I can't confirm. Ruud please try the regsvr32 command above to see if it resolves your issue.
    Hi x4mer,

    thanks for taking the time to respond to my issue.
    Just tried your suggestion and on the tv client (working in a multi seat environment) did the regsvr32.

    Unfortunately this did not solve my problem.

    just did another test for the analog TV part, here's the synopsys:
    1. delete all logs in Mediaportal and Mediaportal tv server log directories
    2. start MP
    3. 'unmaximize' in order to see remote graph
    4. start TV
    -> no picture
    -> only sound
    -> memory usage of MP increasing rapidly
    5. made a snapshot of the remote graph
    -> out of memory crash....
    6. collected all available logs as attached incl. screencapture of graph.

    Please note that I changed the audio codec to make sure that the problem is not codec related.

    Can anybody please confirm that this is a bug / they have similar issues? That way I can be sure that this is not something system (like in my system) related.

    Can anybody also confirm the log collector not working (bad crc on compressed files) or confirm that it is working ;)? -> update: when I open the logs with winrar I get the CRC error (this is happening after installation of SP2 of dotnet 2.0) when I open logs with explorer (zip folder) the log is readable!

    Thanks and keep up the good work.... impressive what amount of bugs have been 'squashed' after 1.0!

    Please note that the TV server is working without a glitch on my analog PVR500, it seems to be totally related to the TV plug in! when watching a recorded show (not streamed, but via 'my videos') it works perfectly: full graph being build!
    When trying to watch a recording via the TV plugin, MP tries to go to fullscreen video but directly returns to the plugin without whowing picture or sound.



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    December 24, 2006
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    i try to install the last svn und this one from today but i cant startup mp after. it crash.
    i have this error in log :

    2009-03-23 10:26:33.405783 [ERROR][MPMain]: D3D: InitializeDeviceObjects - Exception: System.OutOfMemoryException: Nicht genügend Arbeitsspeicher.
    bei System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(String filename, Boolean useEmbeddedColorManagement)
    bei System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(String filename)
    bei MediaPortal.GUI.Library.TexturePacker.AddBitmap(PackedTextureNode root, Image rootImage, String file, Boolean& dontAdd)
    bei MediaPortal.GUI.Library.TexturePacker.PackSkinGraphics(String skinName)
    bei MediaPortal.GUI.Library.GUITextureManager.Init()
    bei MediaPortalApp.InitializeDeviceObjects()
    bei MediaPortal.D3DApp.InitializeEnvironment()

    what the matter?
    with svn Rev21813 works all fine .


    Hi dirki1972

    Can you please check if the texture manager has created any files in the cache folder for the related skin? I have the same issue on one of my systems and the reason for the crash is, that the cache folder for the skin is not build up during the start of MP. After copying over the files from another instance it worked. I am still investigating the problem as I assume it is related to my XP installation.



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  • August 18, 2007
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    Is there any easy answer to why the splash screen stops at "Initialize texture manager" ???

    logs go well until this line...

    2009-03-23 19:09:18.583216 [Info.][MPMain]: TexturePacker: D3D device does support 4096x4096 textures

    Can post full logs but they are completely normal. might i be missing something ?

    ive even tried to put cache folder in network just in case, although it was working fine before doing so until yesterday


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  • December 24, 2007
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    First data in the ts file could be erroneous enough, to give bat information about video & audio format.
    This causes graph to be build incorrectly ( without Video codec !)...and crash ! ( I can understand;)! )

    Could you try to upload ts file that has caused the crash ?


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  • December 5, 2004
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    First data in the ts file could be erroneous enough, to give bat information about video & audio format.
    This causes graph to be build incorrectly ( without Video codec !)...and crash ! ( I can understand;)! )

    Could you try to upload ts file that has caused the crash ?
    Hi Ambass,
    just found out that log collector is actually working and that CRC error is winrar related (after upgrade sp2 of dotnet?)
    So new logs attached.

    Unfortunately I cannot comply to your question because the TS files are working without error when watched via my videos. The problem only occurs when streaming the TS file to the TV plugin (either via whatching TV / listening to radio / watching recorded TV).

    Or is it the first timeshift buffer file that you would like to receive? In that case: please PM me and I will give you an url for download ;)

    thanks for looking into this!



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  • September 28, 2006
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    After a long timeout SetupTV.exe throws this exception:

    2009-03-23 18:08:53.395221 [SetupTv]: Exception :confused:ystem.Net.Sockets.SocketException: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it ::1:31456

    Server stack trace:
    at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.DoConnect(EndPoint endPointSnapshot, SocketAddress socketAddress)
    at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Connect(EndPoint remoteEP)
    You are suffering the corrupted hosts file issue caused by a faulty WindowsDefender definition.

    Please check %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and check that you have:

    Code:                   localhost


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    This bug - (#1996 in Mantis) is supposed to be fixed in this SVN according to the changelog, but it's still happening on my system......logs attached.

    Also I think that previously the extra 'ghost' subchannel files got deleted when the recording stopped - in this version they stay around (but can be deleted manually from the timeshift folder).



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    July 20, 2007
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    Hi Dev's,

    With this SVN I don't get to see any "fake" folders when looking at the recordings screen. Now, for example, if I have 5 episodes of House(all same channel), I only see one Item.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!!


    A reimport of the recorded movies in TV-Server solved the issue :sorry:

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