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February 14, 2008
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Sorry to sound obvious but are you sure its not in your plugins list? I have struggled to find plugins in the list before when rushing, might be worth a double check that it isnt actually there :) I know it sounds silly, but your log file shows it loading fine.

To help you out it looks like a movie "clapper board" with a blue list next to it.


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June 8, 2007
AW: Re: Moving-Pictures Movie List to HTML

Hi mortstar!

Can I make you a question? Are you having problems with the plot field when it has two or more paragraph? I am using a personal styles.xsl modified myself with parts of your code and the plot field only appears when it has one paragraph. Are you experiencing this issue or the problem is mine?

Thanks for your help ;)



I'm using mortstar's adapted styles.xsl file from post #269 (thanks for sharing your work). I had the same problem as bodiroga above when my plot descriptions contained linebreaks. The .html file is created but plots with linebreaks just do not pop up.

So I tried to search for the breakline within the SUMMARY string and replace it with <br> which is needed for a proper linebreak in html. The problem is that I cannot replace with "<br>" because auf the special characters "<" and ">". So I provisionally replaced the linebreak with the string "lebrgr" and then manually replace this string with "<br>" with an text editor afterwards. Kind of inconvenient, but at least it works that way. Maybe someone with more programming skills can improve this.

I think that in the same way one could replace the apostroph ' or \' with "&apos;" so the source code wouldn't have to be changed.




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June 8, 2007
AW: Moving-Pictures Movie List to HTML

It took my quite some time to figure it out, but now it works. Linefeeds in the summary are replaced by a <br /> and are shown properly now in html.




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November 9, 2009

ive installed the new MePo Alpha 1.2. Then I copied the .dll in the process folder.
But in the MePo config there is no movingpicturesxml to enable and config the process.

It seems that it doesnt work with hte new mepo Version, is this right?


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  • September 17, 2008
    For those who may not notice the stickies, Moving Pictures Social is accepting beta sign ups now which will display your collection online.


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    Wooohoooo !!!!

    Had to show off my signature...

    An no ! I did not watch Knight Rider more than once.... I accidentally shut down my server while watching it. So MP decided I had watched it till the end. Then after the server was restarted I watched to the real end...


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    AW: Moving-Pictures Movie List to HTML

    could anybody make it compatible with 1.2.0 Beta?


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