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    Thank you for your ongoing work!
    I still have the problem of TV playing only for 2 seconds in WebMediaPortal, which used to work before, but stopped working for unknown reasons at least half a year ago. In MPTVScheduler, it works fine. Running current beta9 of the service.
    I'll second that. Right now only the MPTVScheduler on my android tablet works, webMP has stopped working long ago. Maybe the switch to the after 0.54 versions of MPextended are the cause for that.
    Would be great if we could use Android AND Windows devices again.
    Sorry to quote quite old posts, but I've seen that this issue just got lost in the thread with no further comment.

    I also had this problem sunddenly with live tv. Exact same thing as you all described there.

    What I did to solve it was to switch skin. I can't remember, but I would say that Bootstrap worked fine. That's why I asked somewhere above to regeszter if his MPExtended builts should work with skins, and he told me not, so we're "stuck" with .m3u download and play through VLC, which works.

    Webmediaportal needs an urgent rework... but no one is capable or able to do it. :(


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    @regeszter, any idea of how to troubleshoot this issue from the app point of view? I've been doing some more tests with VLC external player, and there what you get are some freezes from time to time, but VLC recovers from them after some seconds with no problem. I would say that internal player hasn't this habitily, and it just stops live tv. I see nothing in server side logs to know the reason for this freezes. I'd say I would need some kind of debug logs about the tv streaming.
    Can you install the app from apk if I send you a test version in PM?


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  • July 10, 2013
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    Thought I'd provide some feedback that is probably/possibly phone specific.

    Running MPTVScheduler on a Nexus 6P. If the phone is in vibrate mode (one setting above "Alarms only") the phone will vibrate throughout when playing music. This behaviour stops when the phone is placed in "Alarm only" or "Ring" modes. This is all performed via the volume button, although the same happens via the pull down menu too.

    Additionally the top bar icon for the music player is a white block only, although this may be by design.

    Really love the app and a very happy customer so far, thanks...


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  • July 28, 2009
    Thought I would provide an altered Streaming Profiles xml to aid with feedback. Currently you are using libx264 for the video codec. It is unknown whether the version of the codec used is enabled for hardware accelerated encoding.

    However my attached version of the StreamingProfiles xml is enabled for one variant of hardware accelerated encoding (the one produced by NVIDIA). So may be worth extending the profiles, available in the file to include such options or providing an xml, with hardware accelerated encoding support.



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    October 28, 2011
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    I was just going to ask the same thing. My HTPC isn't the most powerful setup in the world, a Pentium G4560, and struggles with the reencoding, reaching peaks of close to 100% CPU for pretty much any resolution I choose. It does have a recent Intel graphics chipset though, G4600, which does h264 encoding and decoding, so was hoping for some guidance on how to change the profiles to take advantage of this.
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  • February 2, 2019
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    I have read a lot of messages in this thread, and I am confused.

    I have a brand new MediaPortal2 installation. I would like to be able to control it from my Android phone and tablet.

    Do I need to install the MPExtended beta software you mention in the first post, or is there a plugin I should use instead.

    For instance, a message in the MPExtended thread from July 19 says:

    This version of MPExtended is adopted from the MP1 version to work with MP2. It has noting in common with the not yet working "complete" MP2 version started some time ago but now is on a halt and probably never is finished because of the wip DLNA plugin, that can do (nearly) the same and much more... But the DLNA plugin isn't ready yet and I fear it won't be ready for the MP 2.2 release.

    If and when this DNLA plugin becomes available, does MPTvScheduler work with it, or do I need a different app?

    If I do install it, is that it, or do I have to do anything else - there are mentions of xml files (but no clear idea of which one to use, or where to put it), and replacing an encoder (?) with a 64-bit version, but no instructions of how to do this.

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  • February 2, 2019
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    In the absence of any repy, I installed MPExtended for MP2 beta, but MPTVScheduler can't contact the server.

    I have installed the latest beta (from the first post in this thread), and am trying to use MPTvScheduler on Android to access it. But it always says it "Unable to connect to TV server".

    I have done netstat on the server, and it says something is listening on port 4322.

    I have checked the Windows Firewall and port 4322 is open.

    I can connect to port 4322 on the TV server from elsewhere on the network (but I haven't researched the protocol).

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