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August 9, 2015
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From my phone (LG G5 Nougat) running MPTvScheduler 1.5.14...

I can connect (Internal or External) to my MP 1.18 MpExtended beta 6 ( or router port 4322 fowarding to

CANNOT connect (Internal or External) to my MP 1.19 MpExtended beta 9 ( or router port 4323 fowarding to

Maybe I could reinstall MpExtended beta 6 on my to CONFIRM MpExtended beta9 would be the culprit ????
Maybe I can install Mpextended beta 9 onto my MP 1.18 ( to CONFIRM the combo MP 1.19/MpExtended beta 9 is a problem ???

Thank you
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August 9, 2015
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I did check the windows 10 fire-wall:

MediaPortal Configuration authorized Private and Public.
MediaPortal TV Server authorized Private and Public.
MediaPortal TV Setup authorized Private and Public.

MPExtended Service authorized Private and Public.
MPExtended.Applications.Service authorized Private and Public.

It worked before upgrading to MPExtended beta 9.

I turned off Windows Defender Private network fire-wall and now :
I do have access to
from my phone and it returned {"Result":true}

(FYI I access the TV server from Android Kodi TV Box all day every day)

Thank you, I will look where look tomorow, thank you


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August 9, 2015
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It means this is a connection issue because the local test was ok to MPExtented so the MPExtented works. Check the firewall on the PC.
All is GOOD. Port 4323 was NOT OPEN in Windows firewall. I added it.

It look as if the MPExtended beta 9 installation had removed Firewall rule.
Maybe that a Windows reboot after the install would have asked for the firewall exeption ?
I don't think I had reboot for a few days.

Thank you very much


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    1.5.15 is available in alpha ring. :)

    - NEW: Display video and audio codec information. You can turn of in settings.
    - Bug fixes.

    Alpha testers!

    Please check some movies codec info and send me a screenshot if the codec information should to replace with a shorter string. For example: MPEG-1 Audio layer 2 is replaced to MP2 or AAC LC-SBR is replaced to ACC.

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