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Discussion in 'My Films' started by Guzzi, November 18, 2012.


Which Movie Catalog do you use with My Films 6?

  1. Ant Movie Catalog (AMC) v3.x

  2. Ant Movie Catalog (AMC) v4.x

  3. DVD Profiler

  4. Eax Movie Catalog

  5. Ember Media Manager

  6. eXtreme Movie Manager (XMM)

  7. Movie Collector Pro

  8. My Movies

  9. NFO files/grabber

  10. Personal Video Database

  11. None - use AMCUpdater and My Films

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Dadeo
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    November 26, 2006
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    Not yet - unfortunately 1.6.0 introduced several compatibility issues for MyFilms and real life has not been leaving Guzzi with much time lately to upgrade his development environment and generate a compatible release.
    However, it is 'close'. I have tested the 1.6.0 compatible version, and only found one bug so far, but it is a pretty major one and needs to be fixed before a public release.

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  3. vote4tux

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    December 30, 2007
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    Ah... gut zu wissen :) I have been working for many, many years with the internal database and it still works fine for me. With more than 1000 well-maintained movie titles I can wait a few more days with the move to "My film". I'm starting again with the reorganization of the data to increase the hit rate of the grabber (change the name for the movie files in IMDb notification - tt1234567 for example). Thanks for the reply and good luck :)
  4. totopsgr
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    totopsgr MP Donator

    August 15, 2011
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    Are there any news about the 6.1 release? it took from December 2012 to September 2013 to go from 6.0.2 to 6.0.3. Are we are looking at similar time frames? I know you guys are doing all this for free and at your own time but at the moment we lack the functionality we used to have (see backdrops and proper grabber scripts) and can not upgrade to the latest MP due to incompatibility issues. I love the plugin and I am thankful for it, in fact I love it so much that hate to even think looking for other options but it seems that development rates have slowed down lately. Is there anything we can do as a community to help? I could contribute financially if that would make a difference, unfortunately I have no software development skills to offer. Just food for thought
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  5. musi

    musi Portal Pro

    November 14, 2011
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    Any news please? We all love this wonderful plug-in and would like to know when the new version for MP 1.6 will be released.

    I would love to help but I can not program :(

    Thanks a lot!
  6. Guzzi
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    Guzzi Retired Team Member

    August 20, 2007
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    Working on it currently...
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  7. Guzzi
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    Guzzi Retired Team Member

    August 20, 2007
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    My Films 6.0 final released!
    (supports MediaPortal 1.2.x, 1.3 and 1.4)

    Have you ever wished you could use your own database management software with MediaPortal? With MyFilms you can!

    My Films combines the powerful features of movie catalog software with the superb media center features of MediaPortal. It incorporates many advanced movie catalog features into MediaPortal. Eight different movie catalog apps are supported out of the box. You do not need to re-scan your data and you can continue to use your current movie catalog app with My Films - or create a new one using the integrated AMC Updater (AMCU)

    In addition, My Films offers:
    • extended features for the popular Ant Movie Catalog (AMC) or for new catalogs created in My Films (AMC XML database format):
      • update in real-time (since they both use the same XML database)
      • update by field or multiple fields but never overwrite the data you wish to keep
      • batch/global updates for some/all records by field, value, etc using AMC Updater
    • built-in support for networks (centralized data, covers/posters, fanart and configs)
    • multiple databases - as many as you wish for different types of videos such as documentaries, home videos or even to keep your kids videos separate if you prefer (you can switch database easily within My Films)
    • multiple users - watched status, date watched user ratings (and thus favorites) are supported per user.
    • multiple configs (like profiles) for the same database with different filters/settings for different users
    • advanced search, sort, view or update by ANY field
    • integration with Trakt, Sub-Central, Online Videos (Trailers), and Browse the Web (to view related web pages for movies, cast and crew)
    and much, much more! Have a look at the extensive My Films wiki for an overview of all the features and many tutorials on how to setup and use them - it will help you a lot to get the most out of your personal My Films install !
    MainMenù.jpg 12-25-04.jpg Details_Actors.jpg Films.jpg ThumbnailsBigView.jpg CoverManager.jpg CoverFlow.jpg MyFilmsFanart.jpg
    Click the images above for slideshow.​
    What's New in My Films v 6.0 ?
    To see detailed info about what is new in My Films 6.0 have a look here.
    • Create a new catalog (using AMC XML database format) - you don't need to have one already
    • AMC4 support with extended fields - see Upgrade to AMC4 tutorial
    • Ember Media Manager (EMM) support
    • NFO import/export and delete (including covers/posters and fanart)
    • Networks - new features including auto sync of config/settings to clients
    • Views/Menu - customizable even within MyFilms GUI
    • Blu-ray support in MP 1.3.0 + External Player for formats not supported by MediaPortal
    • Persons/Actors info and images
    • Search, sort or view by any field with new search features to find all related persons by role
    • Cover manager to download and select the covers/posters you prefer
    • Settings can be selected and changed within MyFilms GUI (in most cases)
    Plus for AMC users, or XML catalogs created in My Films (where updates are possible within My Films):
    • Multiple Users - in addition to watch status - user ratings, date watched, favorites and more are now supported per user
    • Groups and Editions - auto detection and display features PLUS group/ungroup your movies from inside the GUI
    • Scan/Import - improved auto matching - plus display of covers, IMDb IDs and links for manually matching films that cannot be auto matched more easily, plus many new options for importing such as fanart limits/resolutions, persons images or info downloads and more!
    • 38 different grabbers - with online updates and major enhancements to Grabber Tool to modify or create new ones
    • update by any field - even select multiple fields to update within MyFilms GUI (and avoid updating those you edit manually)
    v 6.0.3

    Beside bugfixes, latest changes since 6.0.2 maintenance release version include the following features:
    • Compatibility with MP 1.4
    • Test Mode for access to test upcoming features
    • Support for certification logos/rules
    • Add regex matching to logo rule editor
    • Remove 'Use MP Logos' option
    • Add regex grouping for studio and languages
    • Localized Plugin Name in CurrentModule
    For more info about the new Test Mode, see the sticky thread MyFilms 6.1.0 - Upcoming Features! (Test Mode).

    Latest changelogs can be found here. Please read our extensive My Films Wiki to learn all about them.
    Or view the changes for 6.0.3 in the MyFilms Issue Tracker.

    My Films supports MediaPortal v1.2.x, v1.3.0 and MediaPortal v1.4.0
    WARNING - check Upgrade 5.1 to 6.0 for important upgrade info if you used MyFilms 5 before!
    Download - via MediaPortal Extensions repository, or MPEI (Extensions Installer)

    Please read the Support guidelines before submitting Bug Reports and Feature Requests.

    Before reporting any bugs, check the My Films wiki, My Films FAQ and the Issue Tracker (to see if it has already been reported/fixed).
    Make sure all necessary information is included in your report - remember, that My Films supports many very different use cases and it is impossible to get support without that info!
    Always include logs and steps to reproduce!

    Feature Requests
    New Feature requests are evaluated based on:
    • the number of users who request them, star them in the Issue Tracker, or will benefit from the feature
    • how much testing/support you provide to My Films
    • and of course the difficulty in adding and maintaining the feature
    Skin Support
    Default skin files are provided for both 16x9 and 4x3 screen sizes. MyFilms auto detects the MP version you are using (1.2.x, 1.3.0 or 1.4.0) and installs the compatible Default skin files for you.
    My Films 6 requires skin updates to fully support all new features. Make sure, the skin you want to use does support the MP version you are using.

    Skins supporting My Films 6.0.x
    @Skinners - See Skinning My Films or Skin Changes. Please leave a PM to add your skin to the supported skin list.
    Note: There are no required skin changes for 6.0.3 - however, optional changes are documented in the wiki, and skins may start skinning 6.1.0 features available in Test Mode whenever they wish.

    If you are able to provide translations for new languages or want to improve existing ones - see My Films 6 - Language (string) files/Translations. Thanks for your support !

    • Developer: Guzzi Original Developers: zebons, titof, Orion Hall (AMC Updater)
    • Wiki Docs: Dadeo, Guzzi
    • Skinning: Dadeo, ysmp, Guzzi
    • MF logos: Dadeo
    • Genre images: Carlos 'Fiinix' Nabb (Fiinix Design)
    • Testing: Dadeo, z3us, ncoH, TLD
    • Project Management and Design: Guzzi, Dadeo
    • Grabber Scripts: Guzzi, z3us
    • All contributors and everyone who helped make My Films even better!
    Special thanks to Dadeo ! - without him, My Films would still be at version 4.8 !
    THANKS to the many users for testing previous releases, test releases and reporting issues in the forum. :love:
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