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    @framug Aah, now I remember why I did not implement: When the OSD disappears and only the Pause icon is shown, the counter freezes and does not count further :(
    Think you have to do something about this "bug" ;)
    Hmmm, that's weird because, when I dev it, I choosed to always display timeshift remaining, not only when paused.
    By this way, it was possible to always see counter in the OSD (by clicking on info, even when TV is played).
    And each time, counter continued to be updated.
    But, maybe is it a specific thing with video fullscreen when paused ? (Global MP thread frozen ?), don't know.
    Can you please point to me what is the skin file for this then, I will gain time and, try a test.


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  • August 13, 2007
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    to always see counter in the OSD
    ...and that is the hint already: Your properties are not global, they are only shown in active TV OSD or Pause OSD - the aren´t even shown in TV Zap OSD ;)
    So if you can make that properties global, we can use them everywhere in MP, even as useful info e.g. in BasicHome ;)

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