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  • August 13, 2007
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    I have encountered this too, for the following:

    "Media\Logos\Studios\Asylum' The.png"
    "Media\Logos\Studios\AvnetKerner Company' The.png"
    "Media\Logos\Studios\Bedford Falls Company' The.png"
    "Media\Logos\Studios\Cheyenne Nation' The.png"
    "Media\Logos\Studios\Global Asylum' The.png"
    "Media\Logos\Studios\Zespol Filmowy Oko.png"
    "Media\Logos\Studios\Zespol Filmowy Tor.png"
    "Media\Logos\Studios\_____.png" (5 underscores)
    "Media\Logos\Studios\____.png" (4 underscores)
    "Media\Logos\Studios\_____ ____.png" (5+4 underscores)
    "Media\Logos\Studios\______ _____.png" (6+5 underscores)
    ...and numerous others (I got bored :()...
    IMHO for studios bes used FH property, Global (thumbs) folder with my Studios image pack :)
    I used a 1:1 copy from that folder ;)
    Could it be that those are the studios which are still in russian letters? :confused:


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    If LMH recieve event from TV plugin, than count and active, sheduled properties updated.

    WBR, ajs :):whistle::coffee:
    Of course, better than nothing.
    But, what about, if TVServer start one (or more) records (programs for each day or weeks for example) and, we don't go in TV plugin because we look at a video ?


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  • August 13, 2007
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    BTW here are some screenshots showing red dot(s) from a programme just redording and another one which is not recorded.
    Pls. note that all red dots are there and filled correctly ;)
    11-10-54.jpg 11-11-08.jpg 11-11-52.jpg 11-11-58.jpg 11-12-05.jpg


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  • February 29, 2008
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    Try remove Studios folder from skin media folder, install Studios package and check ;)

    WBR, ajs :):whistle::coffee:

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