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March 6, 2012
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Ok, i have always had issues installing WebGrab+Plus on my windows 7 system, even with the MSI installer..
Turns out my batch was finding an old 1.0.5Beta executable....

i now removed that one and made sure i use the 1.0.9 executable and this works fine

Thanks Willy


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  • September 12, 2009
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    Hi, me again =).

    I have another "small" request for you :), this time however it is more like a feature for the program instead of a parsing problem... ;). I will try to explain.

    So in Germany, we have a channel called "Sky Bundesliga", which is a channel for our football league. During the week, when there is no game, they show older games and so on. But on weekends, when there are 5-9 games at the same time, they show all games live. They do this by showing these games on the channels "Sky Bundesliga 1" to "Sky Bundesliga 11", aswell as on "Sky Bundesliga" itself. If there is no live game, the channels 1-11 are offline. Same happens for other sports, where "Sky Sport 1" and "Sky Sport 2" are the too channels always on air, and if needed "Sky Sport 3" to "Sky Sport 13" get used too.
    However, these channels dont have their own channel at the tv sites like tvtv.de ot tvtoday.de. But both sites show these games in their epg of the main channel.

    For example:
    Showing "Sky Bundesliga", if you look at Saturday at 14:30, you can see that they have listed all games, on this channel.

    The way WebGrab+Plus works at the moment is, that it takes one of this programms and uses it, not sure though which it takes, if first or last.
    What would be great, is, if you could add the functunality that if there are more programs on the same timeslot on a channel, that it puts the other programs on other channels. these channels could be configured within the config file.

    My idea would be like this:
    <channel update="s" site="tvtv.de" site_id="4118" xmltv_id="Sky Bundesliga" alternate_channel1="Sky Bundesliga 1" alternate_channel2="Sky Bundesliga 2" ...>Sky Bundesliga</channel>
    This then would resolve in, webgrab putting the first programm on the primary channel "Sky Bundesliga", the first duplicate on "Sky Bundesliga 1" and so on.

    Im not sure though, if this kind of stuff is handled the same way in other countries, or if it is a "german problem".

    Maybe you can think about it.
    Thanks a lot


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  • September 18, 2006
    Belgium Belgium
    Hi Jan,

    After having used mc2xml for quite some time which has issues again because of MS not updating their data, I gave your program a try.

    Thank you very much for your making this, it works fine up to a few minor things:
    1) I have a few channels (BBC 2 and BBC World) for which I don't get any data in the epg-xml file
    2) episode information is not imported, (National Geographic) even being present on the site
    3) is it by design of MP that if no information is present in the epg-xml file, the previous displayed data remains visible
    4) I have searched for more information on the site_id value but couldn't find any; can you point me to it? For mijn-tv-gids.be it's obvious and the others I have found from other configuration examples in this thread.

    I will attach my config file so you see what I'm doing.




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  • September 18, 2006
    Belgium Belgium
    Hi guys,
    Does anyone of you has a working config for bbc 2/world?
    I tried a lot of examples but none works and I'm puzzled about the site_id. I also tried the humo xml file that is attached earlier in this thread but apparently I need a ini file with it.

    Any help is higly appreciated!


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    May 17, 2011
    Canada Canada
    Thanks for the wonderful plugin. I am using it as a replacement for SchedulesDirect (which has a $25/year subscription). I know that's pretty cheap in the big scheme of things, but tvguide.com has so far proved to be a worthy replacement from North American point of view.

    The biggest hurdle in adopting tvguide.com for WebGrab+Plus was to find the srvid for a particular zip code. In my case, I was interested in the Buffalo Area OTA. I followed instructions in the tvguide.com.howtoaddprovider.txt (now named as SiteIni.Pack.11.10\Networks\tvguide.com.no-provider_info.howtoaddprovider.txt) file for the general procedure of generating a channel list and so on. But first let's get back to the srvid.
    1. Go to TV Listings. You will most probably end up seeing the default listings, e.g., Eastern - National Listings.
    2. Click on the change location/provider link
    3. Choose the By Location radio button
    4. Enter your Zip Code
    5. Click Antenna in Service Provider row
    6. The Providers will shortly populate itself
    7. Right-click on the Buffalo Area Broadcast (Buffalo) (OTA Broadcast) and choose Copy Link
    8. Paste that link in Notepad (or another editor) http://www.tvguide.com/listings/setup/localizedone.ashx?ServiceID=20407.268435456&Zip=14072&provider=Buffalo%20Area%20Broadcast%20%28Buffalo%29&RedirectUrl=http://www.tvguide.com/Listings/&cb=1344993314407
    9. The srvid that I am interested in is 20407.268435456
    That was the srvid that I used in my tvguide.com.blah.inifile.
    Hope this helps someone in the US and/or Canada. Perhaps there is an easier way, but I couldn't find it.

    =edit= Some minor issues to report. For OTA broadcast a channel with HD and SD was recognized as the same (in this case WNED). Trying to run .exe with both <channel> entries present in config file ended up with duplicate xmltv_id error, so I had to comment one of them out and reuse the other one in the XmlTv mapping.

    2nd issue was with a channel with a space in the name (ION HD). The channel got recognized as:
    site_id="51.1 23430" xmltv_id="ION"
    I had to modify it to:
    site_id="23430" xmltv_id="ION HD"
    Notice that I dropped 51.1 and added HD.
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    May 17, 2011
    Canada Canada
    I have a question regarding tvguide.com. My WebGrab++config.xml has:
    . Is it safe for me to change the maxdays parameter to 8.1 and days parameter to 8 as found in my tvguide.com.filename_here.ini file?
    site {url=tvguide.com|timezone=UTC-05:00|maxdays=14.1|cultureinfo=en|charset=utf-8|titlematchfactor=90|firstshow=2|keeptabs}
    *site {ratingsystem=ES|episodesystem=onscreen|grabengine=|firstshow=0|firstday=0000000}
    Thanks in advance.

    -edit- I am successfully using 8.1 and 8 as discussed above with no ill side-effects with timespan set to 7.
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    October 26, 2007
    Rainy Washington
    United States of America United States of America
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    Well i got this to generate a channel.xml which i copied to the Config file and it generated a guide.xml with the channels but no program data what did i miss?


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    October 25, 2010
    La Gomera, Canary Islands
    Spain Spain
    [12-April-2012] WebGrab+Plus Version update V1.1.0
    This version adds an optional postprocessor that will add IMDb data (from IMDb.com) automatically to the xmltv output file. It does that in 4 steps:
    1. Select shows from the xmltv input as candidate for postprocessing based on configurable selection settings
    2. Tries to match the selected shows with IMDb entries, based on configurable matching settings.
    3. Collect IMDb data for matched shows (Data collected : title, starrating, plot, description, review, viewer comments)
    4. Merge of the collected IMDb data with the source xmltv data based on configurable allocation and presentation settings.
    It also maintains a local mdb datafile that enables to re-use the data without timeconsuming reconnection with IMDb.com for the same show.
    Many thanks to Jacon Berggren and Karsten Kugel for the apha testing and all the usefull suggestions for improvements.
    Apart from this new postprocessor, the functionality of the EPG is improved with the option to grab from a subdetail html page. This can be used if certain epg data is on a available on a different html page than the two already available (index - and detail page)

    [12 April 2012] Site.Ini.Pack10.0
    Now containing siteini files for more than 100 Tvguide sites.
    New siteini files for : Austria, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, UK and Spain (Basque) and updates for 22 siteini's.
    Many thanks again to Willy de Wilde for contributing a lot of the new sites and updates.


    Download links:
    The program:
    http://www.servercare.nl/Docs/WebGrab PlusV1.1.0MSI.rar
    The siteini pack:
    The list of all supported tvguide sites:
    The documentation:
    A small utility that automatically installs the required .net versions for the msi installer version:
    http://www.servercare.nl/Docs/Install WG-Dependencies.rar

    WG++Maker ... Jan
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    January 19, 2011
    Trier, Germany
    Germany Germany
    Hi WG++Maker
    I was the guy who asked for the TVTV.de - XMLTV_NS Fix on your homepage.
    Works like a sharm! :)
    Thx for your work.

    Now I've got some new request. If you have time could you look if there is a possibility to add the new channel "RTL Nitro" to the german scappers? It's a completely new channel in germany. Some tools show this channel as "VOX CH" cause it runs on "VOX CH"s frequency.

    Thx for your great work.


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    October 25, 2010
    La Gomera, Canary Islands
    Spain Spain
    Hi Hafblade,

    I found that RTL Nitro is listed by tvtoday.de
    You will get it if you add the following channel entry to your config file:

    <channelupdate="i"site="tvtoday.de"site_id="RTL-N"xmltv_id="RTL Nitro">RTL Nitro</channel>

    Is that ok?

    WG++Maker ... Jan

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