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Discussion in 'Website/Forum/Wiki Feedback' started by creativemind, October 27, 2009.

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    Well, I only want to read, not write. That leaves the personal stuff as the only valid excuse ;)

    So my suggestion: Keep the personal messages out of the forums or keep it on a level that everybody can read.

    People can't really supply help or patches on bugs, as many of them are discussed in the closed section of the forum. How on earth do you wan't people to fix things that isn't discussed in public?
  4. creativemind

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    October 27, 2009
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    Thanks for the link, it clears many things.
    That's the point, why a core developer should be worried about cleaning up threads / responding to noises or banning users! it's where less technical people/end-users can contribute. You're using vBulletin for your forums surely it has everything you need for this kind of stuff.

    Apparently MP is not the only opensource project, things that you're worried about and issues you're mentoring are already discussed in thousands opensource projects out there. i'm sure you're user of many opensource softwares or perhaps a contributor as well. There are many successful opensource projects that allow very deep community involvement. why not follow their model and implement it for MP?

    For example one of the great features of MP is its extensibility via plugins, more power to plugins leads to smaller core.
    For me finding a right plugin in MP is really difficult, some are outdated , sometimes a single plugin has various sources, sometimes i can's find any documentation and finally sometimes the plugin is simply outdated and it has no one to maintain. i remember some discussions about this issue in MP forums as well.
    For fixing this problem and giving more power to plugins for example offers a centralized repositories for all the contribute modules and asks contributors to release their code under GPL.
    It has many advantages ,1.users can easily find the module they want, and know where they can participate or find the information they about each module, 2.modules with user base never die because new developers can request administrators to make them new maintainer of the modules and continue from where the previous maintainer left. 3. Core developers have also much better view of contributions , so they can move popular plugins into the core or no so popular features out our of the core. 4. because all of the modules are stored in the same format and structure it's possible to add automated module update / installation , generate statistics or even provide thirdparty services (

    Patches/Code quality ? in Drupal atleast three people (+Automated testing system) should check and test the contributed patch , 1.The one who wrote it, 2. another user 3. module / core maintainer. Does everyone follow this rule? Most of the users do, few don't.
    Other projects like MP itself, release several Alpha,Beta,RC versions before the final release.

    Organizing new features by the community? Ubuntu project generates new ideas out of forum discussions, and people vote to push their desire feature to the top of the list. Community is responsible for most of process.

    Another example might be having a foundation?! Drupal, KDE, Python, etc

    Correct me if i'm wrong but it's seems that you're not benefiting from Google Summer of Code. many opensource projects do, any their developers/users are really satisfied with the result.

    These were just an example ofcourse , MP may not need this much complexity.

    Glad to know that. so we can hope to see it getting even better :)

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