[WiP] madVR support in MP1


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  • August 9, 2012
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    @Marcus Venturi I use an AMD GPU so can't say if the setting is better or worse for Nvidia but for the brief time that I owned a 1050Ti I had nothing but troubles with 3D, never got it working at all with PowerDVD, so no surprise they dropped it. AMD still support 3D, it just works no flakey setup required, you might want to consider an RX 570/580 which have a bit more power than the GTX 1050Ti and works well with Madvr also at the moment they seem to be reasonable priced. AMD GPUs are not without problems but 3D is not one of them, the new RX 5700 seems to be very buggy.


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  • January 31, 2008
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    Hey :)
    Thanks, I didn't remember why I added this.
    Hoping that there is information in wiki.
    For sure, I will test also to see if it fix it on my side too.

    We found some problems on my setup (and others) during dev. going out of full screen and to full after, was allowing 3DMVC playback. I think its no longer needed. I never actually used as the madvr implementation went furder more stable.

    Its not needed to play 3D MVC videos.
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