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May 18, 2006
Hello fellow MP users.

I was wondering if anyone has tried using MP on the Meegopad t02/t01?
Seems like it could be a nice low power solution coupled with my raspberry pi 2 fileserver :)

Meegopad on AliExpress

Best regards!


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September 20, 2014
Germany Germany
Hi Freethefire,

i have bought the Meegopad on Amazon ( with Windows 10 on board.
The installation of MediaPortal 1 was easy and i set up the tv-server (DVB-C TechniSat Combo HD).
I was wondering how poerwerful this small computer work. With some settings in the LAV Filters (no deinterlacing, quad core cpu and hardware acceleration) i can watch full hd with no lags and also recording in background.
I didn't tested BluRay capability but for now the stick works very well at all!

Best regards

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