Problems with skipping during timeshift multiseat (1 Viewer)


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  • August 18, 2007
    Spain Spain
    I believe this is a big problem so here are my logs.
    client and server.
    client is not in the same computer as server.

    16.15 start timeshift
    16.22 2xstep back (shows -30sec) (but does not do it) NOK
    16.22 2xstep back (shows end) (but it shoulnt) NOK
    16.23 2xstep back (shows -30sec) OK
    16.23 3xstep back (shows -1min) OK
    16.24 steps forward (shows end) OK

    if there is any official steps to follow please tell me as i didnt know how to test it correctly, hope the logs are of any use.

    btw, although im sure its somewhere in the logs. im using SVN from 24/12/09 24553


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  • April 4, 2006
    Germany Germany
    I only found out that the current time position in the stream is getting greater than the duration of the stream. This is why than skip steps aren't available anymore.
    Unfortunately I have no clue why it fails and the recent updates to TsReader doesn't make it easier to find the root cause of it.

    Maybe another dev will have a look on it, as I have no clue anymore where the issue could be.



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  • January 7, 2005
    Any news on the progress of this? Its by far the biggest problem for multiseat atm (IMHO).
    Currently looks like there is no developer who would be able to reproduce the issue with easy enough to allow good debugging of the issue.


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  • November 15, 2008
    Iceland Iceland

    Got logs with this error. My first seek skips to the end. try few more skipping back and forth, somethimes works right, sometimes not.
    Log time 2010-01-04 20:20

    Gunnar Gestsson


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    June 20, 2005
    Denmark Denmark
    Thanks for your effort. I can confirm what misterd says that it seems the current time of the stream goes wrong. Sometimes when skipping back it will keep saying its at the end of the stream, but if you keep pressing back it will eventually start to cange to -3 og -5 minutes. The colors and length of the playing bar also seems to behave irratic when the problem occurs.

    Do you need any more logs (there a quite a few in this thread already)? Maybe you can enable some debug logging in the areas where this problem could come from, and we can supply logs from that build?


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  • December 26, 2004
    Austria Austria
    Do you need any more logs (there a quite a few in this thread already)? Maybe you can enable some debug logging in the areas where this problem could come from, and we can supply logs from that build?
    Sadly logs are not helpful at this point.
    We need an developer who can dive into this issue and debug it to finde the cause. Sadly we do not have such a person atm. :(


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  • July 16, 2007
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Is the developer who wrote this part not around anymore, or is it not quiet that simple? (I know debugging directshow stuff isn't easy).


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