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April 13, 2009
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I have a MCE remote without the colour buttons.

I can't figure out how to map one of the button to do that? I can do that with MP1 but MP2 no idea where to do it.


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  • May 16, 2008
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    @superforever , what exactly do you want to achieve?

    Mute/Unmute audio or select the language track? For Mute/Unmute you need to map the function "Mute", not a color.
    Subtitle on/off has no separate function. You can only display the subtitle dialogue, which is indeed linked to the button "Blue".


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    April 13, 2009
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    Found the Blue button link to audio track, I can now map the Blue button to switch between audio tracks.

    How about difference subtitle? As I remember suppose is the yellow button but didn't work.

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