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    I'll be busy with finalizing and maintaining the existing MP2 skins. Even though we released the final, it's not the last version and further features will be added.
    I've no plan to transport StreamedMP to MP2, but I'm still available as supporter when it comes to xaml language. More time I can not offer, sorry :(

    Osre will go to "retired".
    Okay @ge2301 . @ltfearme do you have any plans?
    Maybe @ltfearme you could start a branch for the conversion on GitHub?


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    November 23, 2011
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    I must admit, of all the skins I have tried, I do much prefer Streamed MP also.
    Unfortunately, as much as I love a lot of the concepts in MP2, the genral view and navigation I find quite painful.
    With StreamedMP on MP1 even my 5 year old can use it. If I made the switch to MP2 with the current available themes, I would get it in the neck from the rest of the family! lol.


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    September 29, 2015
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    With StreamedMP on MP1 even my 5 year old can use it
    Maybe it's about you and your 5 year old. My 4 year old can operate MP2 :D;)
    Honestly, if you feel the WMC skin for MP2 complicated, then I really don't know. I used MP1 with StreamedMP before, and don't miss it in MP2.
    Of course it would be great to create more skins for MP2, as tastes are obviously different.
    Currently there is only one designer in MP2 team and the devs don't care much about design and logic, I think thats the main problem.
    With the Final a lot happened!! Just navigating in the settings of MP2 is really a pain, here I need to agree :giggle:

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