1. V

    [solved] Using Kodi Client and Media Portal 2 Client at the same time

    Hello, can I use Kodi and the Media Portal 2 Client at the same time if I install the TVServerKodi plugin on the Media Portal 2 Server? Or can I then only use Kodi as client? In our company we use Media Portal 2 clients, but now we also need clients for Linux systems. I can't force everyone...
  2. M

    Add Radio channels and EPG to Mediaportal

    Hi, I'm using Mediaportal 1.22 TV Server in combination with Kodi. I'm able to add TV channels and grab EPG using mc2xml.exe software and zap2it source. I newly am interested in adding local radio channels. I added an antenna and was able to scan some. Now I'm looking to make them show in the...
  3. J

    MediaPortal TV Server and Kodi media source issues

    We are using MediaPortal 2 TV Server as the back end, with Kodi as the client. MediaPortal 2 can save Movies and TV Series to their own designated folders, which Kodi maps as "sources". Kodi requires this, in order to correctly scrape the respective Movie and TV metadata. However, we have...
  4. Saitan666

    Umsteigerfrage von Kodi

    Hallo an die Community, ich wollte euch fragen - ich verwende derzeit Kodi - ob ich mit MP1 oder MP2 auch den TV Server von TVMOSAIC verwenden kann? Ich habe DigitalDevices S2 Karten mit CI, das unterstützt ha MP nicht, deswegen bin ich immer mit Kodi gefahren, aber in der letzten Zeit nervt...
  5. 1

    MP2 Einstieg

    Hallo allerseits, gestern Abend habe ich mal MP2 auf meinem HTPC installiert und bin einigermaßen positiv überrascht, wie gut das doch auf Anhieb funktioniert, inklusive der Twin-DVBS2-TV-Karte. Aber einige Sachen erschließen mir noch nicht, daher bitte ich euch, mich diesbezüglich mal in die...
  6. T

    Help needed troubleshooting freezing issues in Kodi/LE w Mediaportal backend

    My current setup: Mediaportal TV Server (v 1.18.1 on Win7 Pro) - wired network connection Kodi (v 17.6 on Ubuntu 16.04.3) - wired network connection LibreElec (v 8.02 on RPi3) - Wi-Fi connection Mediaportal PVR Client (v 2.4.19) The problem: Intermittent Kodi or LE UI freezes when streaming...
  7. Dsilver

    Kodi not showing Keyboard

    Hi, Something doesn't seem right since reinstalling Simply Krypton. I went to TV Shows and the keyboard doesn't appear. How can I type in the program I'm looking for. Is it due to the Kodi Addons or Builds I've installed or what? Am I having a brain fart ugh!! Thanks
  8. A

    Single Seat or Multi Seat?

    I wonder if someone can help me with this. I currently have a single seat set up, but want to access the live TV, guide, etc but using another computer. Everything currently works well on my HTPC in my living room, but I was thinking of accessing the information using KODI on a different...
  9. bobba32

    Media Potal 1 with Kodi on FireTV - Stream problems after channel change

    Hi, I'm running the following system: Win10 PC with MediaPortal 1 latest version installed. MDAPI+ installed for CAM access. Amazon FireTV with Kodi (16.1) and Media Portal PVR addon (latest version) Generally everything works so far ok. The only problem I'm facing is: After switching the...
  10. J

    How is MP2 better for multi-client installations - some advice

    We have been happily using MP1 server backend and multi-client setup in our house for some time now, it works pretty well. We use Kodi exclusively as a client. For practical reasons I am going to be setting up a new server shortly as the current one occasionally gets messed up by my kids when...
  11. L

    Kodi "Add-on couldn't be loaded. An unexpected error occurred."

    Hi! I've successfully installed MP2 server to my windows 7 pc today and was happy with how easily configured it was to identify my TV tuners and scan for channels. Since then I've been very frustrated by how difficult it has been to get Kodi to play nicely with it! I've installed Kodi on the...
  12. purehavuk

    Created an HTPC dedicated website, need your help with MediaPortal [CONTEST]

    Hello MediaPortal users, I have started a website dedicated to HTPC hardware, software, gaming, and more. At the moment it is officially up and running. The reason I am here, is because it has been a very long time since I used MediaPortal and I want my visitors to have all available options...
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