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June 22, 2020
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I did the quick setup and everything works fine except the guide shows no program data next to each channel what did I do wrong


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    I did the quick setup and everything works fine except the guide shows no program data next to each channel
    In other parts of the world, the TV datastream contains within it a 7-day EPG that MP can decode and display. Unfortunately, the USA is backward, and its broadcast TV does not contain an EPG. This means that you need to do extra work to obtain an EPG. This will be an EPG that you download from the internet.

    You need to obtain the EPG in the form of an XML file that has a structure that MP can understand. There is a plugin for "TV Server" called "XmlTv" that will load the EPG into MP. But you will have to set up some other process to do the downloading. XmlTv is described here in the Wiki.

    Some users use the "Schedules Direct" EPG, but this is not free (around $25 per year, I think). If you want a free EPG, you will need to hunt around for one. There is another plugin for "Schedules Direct", which you can download from this post.

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK


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    EPG-Buddy offers a good, fast and rich EPG for free. It's based on TVGuide.com where you can register for free...
    The first time it is a bit of work to have the EPG configured but once done it's "fire and forget"...
    A link can be found in my signature.
    By the way, EPG-Buddy also has a really fast and rich EPG for the UK and Ireland too. ;) Indeed there is a fast EPG for most European countries, the whole of northern America (USA, Canada, Mexico), the Caribbean and a basis set for Africa. Mainly Asia and southern America still is missing and needs to be served by WebGrab (very slow but available nearly worldwide, nevertheless included in EPG-Buddy to have a complete package)...

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