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June 2, 2006
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Hi Colin
Do I need to do anything with the patch?
no. that is only for developers so can see what i have Change inside MP-Sourcecode.

These files have improved things slightly, in that when I go to fullscreen vis
Hmm.. slightly?
i have search in my code more then one hour how fix this Problem so the right SoVis are visualization.

This always used to cycle between vis and cover art. Please could this feature be returned?
i have never seen this Feature in any Version of MP.
only Show Vis or Cover under "now playing" Screen

So it seems its an issue when first entering now playing.
yes.. should fix by a developer here of MP

I've only ever had a folder.jpg in each album directory and this has always worked before
that work, only for Sonique Visualization if you has activate Show Cover and OpenGL in Configuration of SoniqeVis.

See Attached Picture

View attachment 154354 View attachment 154355


Yes, MP used to cycle between cover art and vis. This was at least before V1.7 I think. See history of this thread. I can promise you this DID used to cycle between cover art and vis. I have used MP for 8 years or so and this feature DEFINITELY was present in now playing.

Anyway, at the moment I do not get a covert art displayed at all in the small preview in bottom left. Just the default "no album art logo" which is clearly not correct no matter what the history of this issue.

The covert art option for open GL is for the cover art to be used as a background on the fullscreen vis. Try it and you will see.

I'm having a very hard time convincing devs of all of this so bordering on giving up :0(


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