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March 6, 2007
I've been looking but can't seem to find it. Is there an option to basically make a small window at the bottom of your screen that will stay "always on top" so you can be browsing the net and other things while watching TV?


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  • February 23, 2005
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    Well the web browser (see thread: has the start with a browser plugin, but did not include in the lower left corner the miniviewer. I heard that some people thought it wasn't needed, then others said there wasn't room (but in a 16:9 skin there would be). But I am like you (I think) that this would be a great enhancment to the web browser plugin to allow what is currently being watched on video (either TV or some other video) to continue while surfing for something that came to mind. Maybe a person wants to check out some statistics for a (place type of team here) team or maybe the wife want to compare a recipe while they are watching Martha Stewart (ok that one is stretching it quite a bit).

    It may be that in time this enhancement could make it into MP. When that happens I would think that news should be made available to various publications.


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  • March 24, 2005
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    On one of my HTPC's I run MP in windowed mode on the lcd monitor and have the TV setup as secon monitor in clone mode. I use overlay on 2nd display to show tv & vidio full screen on the tv whils i can brows the web, play games, learn to program in C# on the primary monitor. I control MP using the MCE remote whilst doing other things on the forground.

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