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  • April 15, 2007
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    Re: Picture playlist

    Hi all,
    I'm an old user of the pinnacle showcenter, maybe someone know it. Years ago the hardware was more expensive and this "tools" was used like an "cheap htpc" but due to the graphic hardware inbuild it became soon old.
    A part of this showcenter had a good software for database managing and one of the thing i miss from it is the ability to use photo playlist.
    Whit this software u could add ur preferred photo in several playlist like for istance "red sea summer 2009" as u do with a music playlist, this is really usefulf becouse u don't need to move any pics around but only to manage several playlist, it was also possible assign to a photo playlist a specific music playlist.
    I think should be really nice to have something like this in the mediaportal.
    I would be satisfied with just having support of picture playlists, and haven't found this yet in MP 1.2.2.
    How difficult would this be to implement?
    What are the chances of getting this into MP 1.3.0?

    I just came across this open source plugin for Windows 7 Media Center, which seems to do this and more. Maybe it could serve as a model for MP. (Please excuse double posting in Music wishlist thread.)

    Some more useful sorting options in Pictures would also be nice to have:
    Tops on my wish list is "Date Taken". This is far more useful than "Date Created" or "Date Modified", since many of us tinker with our photos (recrop, adjust color balance, etc.). I realize that the info won't necessarily available, but I presume it could be made to handle the absence gracefully, perhaps by placing those pictures without "Date Taken" at the end of the list, sorted by "Date Modified".
    Sort by Extension would also be useful, e.g. for separating pictures from videos (now that videos can be played from the Pictures section).
    This should be fairly trivial.
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