1. badboyxx

    MP 1.22 final is crashing when jumping forward while playing DVD-Iso

    Can somebody confirm that MP is crashing when you jump forward with right arrow (5 sec.) while playing a DVD-Iso with internal player? Since I installed MP 1.22 final I noticed that behaviour, before it was ok.
  2. M

    Menü DVD/BluRay nicht steuerbar wg. Menü von MP

    Hallo,, mein Problem mit BuRay isos ist, dass ich die Menüs mit der Fernbedienung teilweise nicht nutzen kann, weil wenn ich mit der FB nach oben gehe, sich das Menü von MP öffnet (schließen, Neustart etc - Standard-Skin), ich aber eigentlich im Menü der Dsik nach oben muss/möchte). Ich mauss...
  3. GuiltyNL

    [solved] Frame drops while watching PAL DVD (Intel Quick Sync Issue)

    I have an issue that I can't resolve yet. I'm running MePo on a 1920x1080 TV at 50p. My Live TV channels all work brilliantly fluid. But when I play DVD's I have frame drops. Pressing SHIFT-1 tells met that the Act FPS = 24.5 and I think that is the cause of the frequent drops. I only don't...
  4. R

    MP 2.1 pre kein Abspielen von Audio CD und DVD möglich

    Hab zurzeit folgendes Problem mit MP 2.1 pre: Das Abspielen von Audio CD's funktioniert nicht mit dem Hinweis in MP, das dafür kein Player registriert ist. DVD's starten ebenfalls nicht, jedoch mit dem Hinweis dass die Ressource e:\ (DVD-Laufwerk) nicht verfügbar ist. Im Anhang meine Logs...
  5. Gobbo

    MP2 - Spring'16 DVD Extras Not Working

    Hi, The DVD menu button is not working in MP2. I have attached a screenshot, is what happens when I press it. What log file do you need to see?
  6. Gobbo

    No DVD Extras

    Hi, I've had a post in the newbie section, but no one replied :( Hopefully posting the link here someone will hear me. The original post is https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/threads/dvd-extras.135198/
  7. Gobbo

    Upscale DVD

    Hi, I've looked everywhere on MP2, but cant find a upscale function? Is there one? If so, where?
  8. Gobbo

    DVD Extras

    Hi, How can I view the menu screen to access the extras on DVD'S and Blu-Ray? As when I play a movie on MP2 it bypasses the menu and starts playing the film. Kind Regards, Gobbo
  9. D

    MP2 unexplained crash/shutdown when trying to play DVD

    MP2 crashes when I try to play a commercial DVD rented from Redbox. Load DVD; open MP2; select "browse media"; get choice for DVD drive and attached hard drive with other media; select DVD drive; get small box with play button and message - no media item - while MP2 tries to load disk; briefly...
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