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August 31, 2006
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I agree that the future of MP is in its multiseat server client infrastructure with TV support at the server side. For this to be an option in the near future a full blown android client is necessary. A 1080p+ capable android device is minimal in size, quiet, energy efficient and cheap. A 1080p+ capable pc is the right opposite, how matter small case you go for it is magnitudes bigger than corresponding Android, especially if you want passive cooling, its noisy power hungry and expensive(!)

MediaPortal will continue to be an option for me (I have used it for 10? years) as long as it is the only client server alternative with a TV backend (there is sadly still no real music / video server support, every client must be set up individually). But as soon as such client server alternatives begin to pop up (and I am sure they will in some form) with better client support (read: runs on modern low power hardware platforms with an OS free of cost), MediaPortal will have to evolved beyond its PC base or be something of the past.

There is great value in the TV engine, extend that backend service to provide films, music etc, keep it on the microsoft platform if you wish (you need a "real" computer on the server side). Then make sure that all clients communicate through an efficient and well defined platform independent format, this opens up for clients on all types of platforms.


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August 31, 2006
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Just had a look at the MP2 specification and it looks really promising as "everything" is moved to the server. As long as the client server protocol is open and kept simple and clean there the chance of alternative clients (e.g. on low power platforms).

I agee that x86 systems are expanding into the lowpower, small form factor segment, I have plans for a NUC myself. But I will not likely buy a second 400$ x86 client, and I wont buy a x86 tablet just for the sake of MP either.

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