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December 18, 2005

P3 866Mhz
Asus motherboard
512 + 256 mb memory
Terratec aureo sky 5.1
19 inch ilyama CRT
37 cm TV

8) As you can see I think I have the most great system of you all!! I even have proven the minimal system requirements aren't right!!


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January 29, 2005
Columbus, Ohio
United States of America United States of America
thinksnow said:
My HTPC has the following:
Case: Antec SLK3700-BQE
PSU: Fortron Source Silent Solution 400w
Update to my post above-
The 120mm fan in the PSU went out so I replaced it with an Antec 350w.

I'm trying to wrangle one of these for something less than $500 as it would be better than simply a 17"LCD and it would let me navigate MP without powering on the big-screen just for music!

Also, my sig shows that main rig as well as the SFF box I built for use in the bedroom.


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February 21, 2006
frodo said:
MSI Mega 180 (i reversed the cpu fans for better cooling)
-Onboard Nvidia Geforce4 + TV-out
-running @ 720x576 50 Hertz
-Only using video out. (no vga monitor connected to my msi)
-Onboard Nvidia Sound + SPDIF out
-using stereo outputs
-Onboard Wireless 802.11
-Athlon XP 2500
-512MB memory
-120Gig. harddisk Maxtor liquid bearing + zallman cooler
-NEC 1300a DVD +RW/-RW writer
-Hauppage PVR USB 2
-Hauppage PVR 350
-Remote control : Hauppage (came with the card)

-JVC 16:9 Television
-Sony Dolby Surround amplifier

-Windows XP SP 1
-Girder 3.2

Hi Frodo,

I noticed that you have the same TV-card as I do; Hauppage PVR-350.
I am seeing no live picture from TV-Out in MediaPortal, only a test screen on the TV with vertical colour lines... Works perfectly with live picture in WinTV2K from Hauppage...
I presume it works nicely in your PC within MP? Could you please post your important card specific settings so I might copy them in my setup and make it work.

Oh by the way this is complex SW so please be very specific.




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November 4, 2005
Silverstone LC-13
CPU Type: P4 2.8GHz
Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4 Ultra TC
Mist 500W PSU
Memory: 1024 MB
Motherboard: MSI 848P Neo-V
Video Card: Gigabyte 6600GT "fanless"
Samsung spinpoint 200Gb
NEC DVD ND-3550 Silver
Soundcard: HDA Digital X-Mystique 7.1
Logitech Z-5500 Digital
TV Card: Hauppauge PVR 500MCE
TV: fujitsu Siemens Myrica 32 (DVI)
Remote: Microsoft MCE european

In order: FloppyDTV-S/CI


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June 8, 2005
United Kingdom United Kingdom
My HTPC is currently sitting in a truly hideous large, noisy beige case (not for long I hope!)

NVidia GeForce4MX + TV-out
Onboard sound, stereo out
SVHS + stereo out hard-wired to SCART into Philips 16:9 100Hz TV (no monitor) @ 800x600 (gfx card config problems!)
CPU 1.7Ghz P4
80Gb HDD for system and recorded TV only (old and noisy, hoping to replace soon)
PCI 10/100 ethernet connects to main home PC for music, photos and net access via proxy.
384Mb RAM
VBox DVB-T PCI card
Marmitek Remote control

-Windows XP SP 2


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  • March 24, 2005
    United States of America United States of America
    HTPC 1 (media server, running 24/7)
    WAF factor 10/10
    Op Sys: Windows XPpro
    Case: Cooler Master Stacker
    Motherboard: Gigabyte
    Processor: Intel P4 - 3.0GHz Dual Core
    RAM: 2GB
    Video: GT6600
    DVD-RW: LG
    HDD(1): 80GB (boot drive only)
    HDD(2): 320GB
    HDD(3): 250GB
    HDD(4): 250GB
    HDD(5): 250GB External via USB
    Sound: 5.1 + optical in/out on board
    Lan: 10/100 on board
    Tuner 1: Hauppauge PVR-250
    Tuner 2, 3: Hauppauge PVR-500
    Tuner 4, 5: DigitalNow TwinDVB-T Tuner
    Remote: MCE (Philips European)
    Keyboard: MCE
    6 x 12cm case fan
    Monitor 1: LG Flatron 19"
    Monitor 2: Philips 55" rear projection TV 16:9, 100Hz
    Audio connected to Onkyo dolby digital/DST processor attached to 5 speakers and sub woofer
    Media server connected over wired Lan to: DLink DSM-320 attached to LG 42" Plasma TV 16:9

    HTPC 2
    Op Sys: Windows XP Pro
    Case: Cooler Master Cavelier II (black)
    Motherboard: Gigabit
    Processor: Intel P4 - 3.0GHz
    RAM: 1GB
    Video: Winfast GX6600
    DVD-RW: Pioneer DVR-108
    HDD(1): WDC2500JB - 250GB
    Sound: 5.1 + coax in/out on board
    Lan: 10/100/1000 on board
    Tuner 1: Winfast PVR-2000
    Remote: MCE (Philips European)
    VFD: Origin VFD/IrTrans 2x16
    1 x 12cm case fan (flow direction 1n)
    2 x 6cm case fan (flow direction out)
    Monitor: 19" CRT


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  • September 9, 2005
    Great Britain (UK) Great Britain (UK)
    Might as well add to the list:

    WIP Media Centre, hoping to change the spec's:

    Lian Li PC-70 Full Tower chassis
    Supermicro SM-DC6 Motherboard
    2.2Ghz Xeon
    1GB PC800 Rambus
    Boot Drive/Swap 36GB/73GB Cheetah's(10K)
    Media Storage 4x400GB WD4000 RAID edition in Raid 5 config
    LG DVD/CDRW combi
    NEC 8x DVD +/- dvd/cd burner
    ATI Radeon 9700pro Graphics Card + Zalman Silent heatpipe kit.
    M-Audio Revolution 7.1 Sound Card (using SPDIF only)
    Windows Server 2003 SP1
    Media Portal (RC4)

    Hoping to get rid of most of the hardware....

    Planned Spec:

    AMD Sempron 2800+ (or thereabouts)
    1GB DDR400
    ASRock MicroATX board(or something similar)
    SilverStone HTPC case(nothing fancy, has to fit 5 HDD's)
    and the rest of the kit from above.

    It's too blasted noisy!:(


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    March 28, 2006
    mac mini Core Solo (stock)

    file server:
    dual p3 600 mhz
    1tb storage

    42in Syntax Olevia lt42hvi


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    April 19, 2006
    Abit IC7-MAX3
    P4 3.0GHz northwood
    512+512 Transcend DDR kit
    120GB bootdisk
    200+200GB raid0 for data and DVR
    NV 6600GT
    TechnoTrend 1500-c (budget model dvb-c)

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