1. Mr6686

    [solved] Titan skin broken since update to 1.23

    Hi, Since I update Mediaportal to 1.23, the Titan skin is broken. I checked the skin files and all are default ones (comparison between C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\skin\Titan and exe files). With the hope that someone can help me (and I thinked...
  2. zunixnuz

    TV Mini-EPG long text cropped on bottom side

    Hi, if there is a long text which needs to be scrolled if selected, it will be cropped on the bottom side. See attached pictures, 1.jpg: The text "08:55 Welt der Wunder..." ist ok, because it is not selected i will not be scrolled. 2.jpg: The text "08:55 Welt der Wunder..." is now cropped...
  3. T

    Fonts for Mediaportal Skins.

    Hi, I have recently been editing the fonts.xml for mediaportal skins, I can change font sizes and a couple of fonts, some don't seem to work though, Does anyone know what specific fonts I can use, is there a certain amount, or any font I want, Can't find anything on the subject, Much...
  4. R

    Can not rename menus in Titan Editor

    Hey - In the Titan Skin Configuration tool it looks like I should be able to rename menus. i.e. I have the OnlineVideos plugin as a main menu item that I just use for Netflix and would like to rename it 'Netflix'. Similarly the MPsteam plugin I want to rename 'Steam'. I can type in these name...
  5. J

    Settings not working from menu

    Hi. Tried to look up similar topics with search, but seems that I have an unique situation here. I'm having some issue with Settings function. I cannot access Settings from Mediaportal menu. Settings is visible but when trying to open, screen flashes and reverts back to "root menu". Settings...
  6. S

    Single row of buttons - Titan Skin

    Does anyone know how I would go about editing my Titan skin so that I only have one row of buttons - in the same way as this I have MP version 1.12 Thanks in advance
  7. Ministerk

    [MOD]Latest OnlineVideos in BasicHome for Titan Extended Two. Ver. 2

    Hi, I have made a small mod for the BasicHome screen of the Titan Extended Two theme. The mod displays the latest three OnlineVideos in an overlay when a tile configured to show the mvCentral overlay has focus. To install: Backup the original Team...
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