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Pat Clark

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April 25, 2012
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@Pat Clark: Mediaportal is not designed for desktop pc's, but for HTPC's that are connected to a (big) television. With that in mind it's a lot easier to scroll with a remote control from your couch, than using a mouse. Are you serious using a mouse from you couch to control Mediaportal? I can't believe that that is easier than using a remote control. Even not if the skin that you're using is optimized for using a mouse.. And I really don't need to check my remote control before I press a button.. I'm almost only using the joystick on it to scroll through lists.

But everyone has their own taste! :)
Sorry for the very late reply -- I was hospitalized. (Physical, not mental. :))
I use a 42" LCD via a General Purpose PC from a smooth-armed recliner. The RF mouse is extremely fast at every function. There is no function that I miss using Catavolt's skins. Mostly, a mouse works as you would expect -- scroll wheel, left/right buttons operate as usual. (Windows Media Center also operates just fine with a mouse.)

If you already have an RF mouse, I suggest you try it. There are 3 things you need to do -- set config for "enhanced mouse support", select topbar plugin, and modify topbar.xml to your taste. In the case of the latter, I added "mute" and revised the action for |< and >|. I also added a clock.

I could provide a "mod" if anybody wants it, but that would be a different thread.


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October 15, 2007
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found some graphic glitches when trying to record a show with extended recording/weekly recording on a nonmapped channel titan.jpg


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July 21, 2012
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The codec logos are miss aligned in thumbs view in the my films plugin (see attached). 1920x1080 resolution.

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    @frittenfred - I updated your post with the English description of your problem. It would help to know what resolution are you running? Thanks Kiwi.
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    June 22, 2009
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    BasicHome menu :

    A small error found into the french translation : TV-Series text string must be "Séries TV" in french and not "fichiers TV"

    Great job you did! This skin give a real professional look to MP!
    Here is the correction for the french text into strings_fr.xml file : replace : <String id="1300" prefix="Mes ">fichiers TV</String> with <String id="1300" prefix="Mes ">Séries</String>[DOUBLEPOST=1358261303][/DOUBLEPOST]
    @ncoH can we get a tv series view something like this?
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