is ther a mpextended plugin (slimtv) for mp1 (1 Viewer)


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  • May 14, 2008
    Sweden Sweden
    Is ther a posibility to change tha tvclient part in mp1 to som thing like in mp2 (slimtv)
    to conect to mpextended over wan ?
    hope you understand what i mean ..

    sorry for bad english ..


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  • May 14, 2008
    Sweden Sweden
    I use webmediaportal today just thought it would be cool to run MP1 to my server when I'm at my country place (easier for the family with the same setup)

    sad that I'm too poor to program to make a pluggin, but maybe some day som nice programer makes one ...

    Thanks mpextended / webmediaportal rocks !!!


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  • June 11, 2007
    Denmark Denmark
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    It can be done, but with current version of mpextended / webmediaportal you have to disable authentication.

    there are to solutions, for both you have to install iptv source filter from here

    Solution 1:
    tv-server (dvb-c/dvb-t/dvc-s) -> mpextended / webmediaportal -> tv-server (iptv) -> internet -> mp1
    - correct port in firewall for tv-server,database etc has to be open
    - database address must be external address ex

    Solution 2:
    tv-server (dvb-c/dvb-t/dvc-s) -> mpextended / webmediaportal -> internet -> tv-server (iptv) -> mp1
    - 2 installations of tv-server, one at home and one at country place
    - only port of mpextended / webmediaportal has to be open.

    for both solutions you have to generate a m3u with info for each channel

    SELECT concat('#EXTINF:0,',displayName) , concat('http:/',idChannel,'&transcoder=Android VLC HD') FROM channel
    where isTV=1;

    ex.: (select profile according to upload bandwith)
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