MP 2.2 - Where can I find Movies NOT imported (and why??) ? (1 Viewer)


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October 31, 2016
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I have good experience with tinymediamanager, my problem is that mp do not accept changes in tmm and does not refresh the db. Also MP 2 use growriting for every word in the movie title, thats horrible to read like for a movie with the title "Nachts im Museum" MP shows the title as "Nachts Im Museum", but I use the correct title in tmm.


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    ith the title "Nachts im Museum" MP shows the title as "Nachts Im Museum", but I use the correct title in tmm.
    I am not using tmm and my movies are correctly showing. The problem is thereforemore likely related to tmm. Debug logs are required for further analysis.


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    my problem is that mp do not accept changes in tmm and does not refresh the db
    Once a video file is imported into the db it will stay untouched to improve speed. This is fine as you normally prepare the video one time only (means add .nfo and fanart one time and leave it untouched "forever"). Imagine every 20.000 of my series episodes needs to be rescanned every time I add a new episode to the source, a nightmare...

    If you do changes in the .nfo file you need to manually rescan the video. This is not done with the "normal" refresh of the source. Since MP 2.2 there is an option to rescan a video in the context menu. You also can remove the video (or the whole source) from db refresh the source (if not removed completely) and add the video/source again. Now the new data will be scanned into the db...


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    the problem with the re-scan of a single video from the context menu is, that although one has set strictly offline resources in the media library settings, MP2 still retrieves data from online sources. Which may fail again and also may not be desirable, at least not for me.


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