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  • January 30, 2008
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    AW: Version Alpha

    Hi Symphy!

    Thanks for the new version! Do you have add cuesheet support?

    Best regards



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    February 18, 2008
    France France
    Does not seem to work with MP 1.2.0 beta just released..

    I have an error message complaining about "BASS assembly not found" when I go to the "Plugin" menu in MP configuration, and MP configuration crashes. So I cannot even enable it.

    If I desinstall alpha, I have no error in "plugin" menu (nor Puraudio PI of course..)

    Thank in advance for fixing it !


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    March 6, 2007
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Hi Symphy

    Any chance of an update to get pure audio to work with 1.2.0 Beta;)

    Big :D for all your hard work.



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  • December 29, 2009
    Iceland Iceland
    +1. Would be grateful if you could update the plugin for MP 1.2 beta.



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    February 18, 2008
    France France
    Yeepee ! Thank you Symphy. Mediaportal is nothing for hifi listening without this PI.

    The regular (BASS) ASIO output does not work very well, at least in my configuration : cracks at the very beginning of each track, and gapless does not work. Also : I have bad play with 88k or 96k tracks with BASS/ASIO (like a 33 RPM LP played at 45 RPM).

    No problems at all (in previous versions) with your plugin.

    So, your PI is priceless.

    Best regards


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  • February 9, 2011
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    AW: Version Alpha

    Same problem like logan5 and sdf. Any solutions?

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