1. A

    MediaPortal with IPTV

    Hi. I would like to know if it is possible to watch IPTV with MediaPortal from my IPTV provider. And can use xtream codes without m3u list ? Where can I enter the url link with name and password from IPTV provider ?
  2. G

    1.29.0 IPTV does not consistently connect. Mediaportal client times out before Tv Server establishes timeshifting?

    I'm not sure exactly when this started, I've been dealing with it for a while until I had time to troubleshoot it. I'm pretty sure it was present in 1.27 Final, definitely in 1.28 pre-release. It appears to me from the logs that the TV server takes a little longer to establish the connection...
  3. G

    Q about scheduling weekly series when epg lists duplicate back to back episodes each week

    I'm sure I'm not the first person to encounter this but I couldn't find a similar topic. Here's more detail about what is happening: In my epg I have a particular series "Creepshow" which airs the same episode, back to back, weekly at 2100-2202 and 2202-2304. I set up a recurring recording...
  4. P

    IPTV Channel Problem

    I have recently started using an IPTV service. I can scan channels from M3U lines successfully and when completed get a status overview showing the number of channels added or updated which is in the hundreds. When I then go to TV channels to group then and show in the EPG, the only IPTV...
  5. A

    IPTV from https m3u8 urls - Help

    Hello MP Gurus out there. Not sure if this is a bug or my lack of understanding of Media portal. I'm trying to add https m3u8 source channels as IPTV channels in MP2 TV server. I manually created dvbIP channels but I have no idea what to add in the fields for Network ID, PMT PID & Stream ID...
  6. D

    'IPTV' is not a valid value for LineupTypes

    I am using SchedulesDirect for importing HDHomeRun Premium and OTA EPGs. After restarting the MediaPortal1 service, no EPG data downloads. I see the following entry in the TVService log: [2019-01-26 13:16:34,516] [Log ] [SchedulesDirect EPG Client] [INFO ] - WARNING: Appears there is a...
  7. atlantic

    IPTV Orange

    Bonjour, Je viens de changer de FAI, je suis passé chez Sosh. Mon abonnement me permet d'avoir accès à la TV d'Orange sur le site du même nom. Est il possible de visionner ces chaines IP dans Mediaportal? J'ai cherché dans le forum, mais sans succès. Merci Atlantic.
  8. Belka

    IPTV & 265 Clients

    Bonjour a tous, Mes voisins de la cité et moi avons décidé d'installer un serveur IPTV après avoir réussi a créer un reseau informatique qui relie deja plusieurs blocs a un nas bien chargé. l'idée de la configue du sereur IPTV: - CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X. - Motherboard: MSI X399...
  9. F

    IPTV for Mediaportal

    I have been running Media Portal for many years but not the TV Server. Up to now I have used it only for stored content. I am based in Ireland and use Virgin Media for Cable TV, Internet broadband and Home Phone. Frankly I am becoming sick of Virgin and their Cable, I don't really watch much...
  10. Dsilver

    Kodi not showing Keyboard

    Hi, Something doesn't seem right since reinstalling Simply Krypton. I went to TV Shows and the keyboard doesn't appear. How can I type in the program I'm looking for. Is it due to the Kodi Addons or Builds I've installed or what? Am I having a brain fart ugh!! Thanks
  11. F

    IPTV question

    Hi, I have 2 M3u files from online IPTV suppliers. They are short trial versions. They work fine in VLC but when I try to scan for channels in TV Server Config I get nothing. The scan finishes in milliseconds. I have attached the 2 m3u files in a zip Can anyone tell me why they don't work in...
  12. E

    Pb scan IPTV : No signal

    Bonjour, Je me lance avec MediaPortal2. Mon FAI ma envoyé un fichier m3u que j'ai déposé dans le répertoire "C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MP2-Server\SlimTVCore\v3.0\TuningParameters\dvbip" à coté des autres. Dans le paramétrage du serveur, mon fichier m3u est bien reconnu et je peux lancer le...
  13. R

    IPTV mit Entertain findet keine Sender

    Musste leider meinen TV-Server neu aufsetzten, da ich den durch Ungeduld kaputtgemacht habe :whistle: Jetzt hab ich das Problem, dass der TVService für Entertain keine Sender mehr findet. Hab schon MP2pre2 neu installiert, ach alle verbleibenden Daten vorher gelöscht aber kein Erfolg. In der Log...
  14. N

    EyeTV Netstream: Einbindung in MediaPortal

    Hallo zusammen Ich weis das Thema gab es schon mal, Leider ohne wirkliche Ergebnisse und alle schon sehr alt. Deshalb mache ich hier mal einen neuen Fall auf. Wie der Titel es schon sagt geht es um die Einbindung eines EyeTV Netstream Sat in das Mediaportal TV Server. Installiert ist der TV...
  15. GuiltyNL

    Pressing record while watching live tv forces to use a second tuner

    I'm testing my IPTV setup with an m3u list for my Octopus Net Tuner. And I noticed that when I watch live TV and I press 'Record' the TV Server fires up a second tuner to record the channel I'm already watching. That seems a bit odd, because I would have expect that he would use the same...
  16. Skipper Horst

    IPTV How-to

    Liebe Freunde des MediaPortals. Nun lese ich mehrfach über die Möglichkeit des IPTV mit MP. Ich betreibe mit ziemlicher Zufriedenheit das MP 1.5.0 und würde mich auch für IPTV interessieren, speziell weil mir mein Vermieter die SAT Schüssel "verboten" hat. Nun finde ich leider keine gute...
  17. M

    Webgrabplus Guide.xml not working with my channels - Perfect Player

    Hi, I've kinda followed webgrabplus quickview and installation guide etc. Downloaded tv.sky.com.channels.xml and the ini file. Edited the WebGrab++.config.xml file and added the channels I required from tv.sky.channel.xml under the <channels> section for example - <!-- The channel-list : Each...
  18. T

    DVB-IP Scan stopped working

    Until recently I had a working DVB-IP list. After reinstalling WIndows 10 and putting all the databses, program data and user files for MediaPortal on the new installation, all works but the DVB-IP. The streams still work with VLC but when scanning for them in TVServer config I get 'No Signal'...
  19. Y

    IPTV oder Octopus NET Rack für virtuellen TV Server

    Hallo Allerseits Ich möchte mein TV Server gerne aus Kostengründen visualisieren. Ich betreibe einen Hyper-V Server mit diversen Clients drauf. Nun möchte ich den TV-Server virtuell mit Win 10 laufen lassen, dabei stellt der TV Empfang wohl das grösste Problem dar. Ich habe folgenden...
  20. A

    "Unable to start graph" error during DVB-IP "Scan for Channels" operation

    Hello, I am using MediaPortal Server on Window 7 Ultimate 32 bits. I plan to use the DVB-IP for IPTV. I installed all encoders accordingly to WiKi pages. Once I am trying "Scan for Channels" operation, I am getting the "Unable to start graph" error. I tried different solutions mentioned...
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